“Mole holes on a golf course were costing us money and causing large numbers of complaints from our members. PMP got rid of the mole for us in the space of a weekend.” Joe Bloggs, A Golf Course Manager, Kent

Once established in a field, paddock, golf course or garden moles can be tough to remove, ripping up grass, and creating molehills, holes and tunnel networks that cause subsidence and create hazards for humans and horses alike.

Chemical deterrents are environmentally harsh, and the mole’s sensitive nose alerts them to gas, so they will block up their tunnels as soon as they smell it.

Our ferrets flush out moles so that we can capture them in traps and dispatch them quickly. As moles are solitary creatures, and it is time-consuming to capture each mole, we charge per mole captured.

All of our technicians are fully trained ferret handlers and certified in pest control by the National Pest Technicians Association.

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