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About Project Multi Pest

Meet Matthew Blackwell

Pest Control Technician and Falconer

I’ve been in the pest control industry for over ten years, and during that time, I have become increasingly concerned about an over-reliance on chemical poisons to manage pests. Poison is cheap but it can deliver an unnecessarily prolonged death, and risks accidentally poisoning other nearby animals – a big concern if you have pets. Worryingly, we are seeing increasing numbers of rodents that are resistant to poison.

I knew that there had to be a better way.

I began to research natural traditional pest control methods that have been successfully used for centuries. Falcons, dogs, and ferrets can be trained to identify, flush out, scare and dispatch pests quickly, while wildlife management practices reduce suitable habitat.

I set up Project Multi Pest in 2016 to combine my deep experience of modern technologies with these traditional techniques. I have developed a unique and highly effective approach to pest control that minimises environmental impact and avoids unnecessary cruelty.

Fully NPTA certified and Checkatrade approved

Our technicians are all certified by the National Pest Technicians Association, and fully trained in falconry and dog and ferret handling, and we are very proud of our 10 / 10 Checkatrade rating.

Meet the Project Multi Pest Team

Meet our happy team of two humans, five falcons, three ferrets and two dogs and follow our adventures on Instagram.

The Birds

Author picture

Trevor is a tri-bred falcon, so he's half Peregrine, quarter Gyrfalcon and quarter Saker falcon. Trevor is a lively bird, who enjoys scaring off seagulls and pigeons.

Author picture

Bobby is a male Harris Hawk. He's 4 years old, and loves chasing pigeons. He hates the rain and refuses to fly in the wet weather. Like many of us, he gets grumpy when we wake him up in the morning.

The Dogs

Author picture

Gracey is a Parsons Jack Russell. She is very playful and loves to work, although she is less keen on getting up in the morning or going out in the rain.

Author picture

Monty is a very focused dog and would be happy to work all day, every day. Unlike Gracey, he is up and about every morning, and won't let you sleep in. He is very fast and has not lost a race yet.

Author picture

Oscar is Monty and Gracey's son. He's a very happy puppy and is currently training to become a super dog. He'll be joining Monty and Gracey at work once he's old enough.

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