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how to get rid of mice

How To Get Rid of Mice – Best Methods and Prevention

When home and business owners consider the ways to get rid of mice, they often forget that many of these methods can be both ineffective and even dangerous. The solution for a mouse’s infestation is varied, but typically, targeting a mouse’s natural fears is sometimes the best method to take. This is easier said than

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what is bed bug heat treatment
Bed Bugs

What is Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs?

Pest control companies frequently advertise bed bug heat treatment as a form of pest control to kill bed bugs, but there are many misconceptions about what heat treatment equipment is used to get rid of bed bugs and if it works. The good news is that bed bug heat treatment has one of the highest

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how to prepare for bed bug heat treatment
Bed Bugs

How to Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Preparation for heat treatment for bed bugs is crucial to ensuring that the heat administered will reach all of the hiding bugs. Since bed bugs are skilled at hiding and avoiding detection, even the highly effective technique of using high heat temperatures to get rid of these insects can be difficult if there is too

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hunting rats with terriers

Hunting rats with terriers

Most of us are terrified of rats. Just the mere mention of them is enough for some people to start running for the door. Small skittish pests, they urinate everywhere, spread disease, deplete our food supply, cause destruction, and impact our wildlife. But at Project Multi Pest we have turned the tables and now have

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how to keep pest birds away
Bird Control

How To Keep Birds Away

Not everyone considers birds to be pests, as many of us enjoy hanging out feeders and filling up bird baths in order to encourage them to visit. But although these birds naturally forage on cereals and seeds, they have quickly adapted to scavenging on processed foods and discarded takeaways. This is why the overflowing bins

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what is falconry
Bird Control

What Is Falconry? An Introduction to Falconry

Falconry may sound like something out of a myth or fairy tale, but the practice of training and using birds of prey to assist in nuisance bird removal is real and effective. Since this practice is obscure to many people, this article will dive further into the practice of falconry to shed some detail on

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