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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is pest control important?

A pest infestation, whether in a residential or commercial setting should be taken very seriously and dealt with swiftly. Far from being just an annoyance, it can be damaging to your health, wellbeing and property. Nuisance birds, rodents and insects carry a worrying array of diseases, and the detritus they leave behind encourages decay and parasites. Pests also cause extensive damage to buildings and gardens, and some species, such as seagulls, can even pose a physical threat.

In a commercial setting, an infestation can be a very serious health and safety issue and can have a devastating effect on business. This is especially the case where food is handled and stored, such as in restaurants, hotels and warehouses. Roaming insects, vermin and bird droppings can cause food contamination and enter the water supply. At the very least, this can result in a permanent blow to reputation, and in the worst-case scenario can lead to closure and legal action.

Is the council responsible for pest removal?

In private rented properties, it is usual for the tenant to bear responsibility for pest infestations, unless stipulated in the terms of the lease. In council rented properties, it varies between local authorities, although they are responsible for controlling pests in communal areas. If the infestation is due to the tenant’s negligence, then it is more than likely that they will be liable.

What's the difference between pest control vs pest management?

When it comes to infestations, prevention is just as important as the cure. Pest control refers to the methods of treating an existing infestation, such as with poison or the more natural methods favoured by Project Multi Pest such as the use of falconry and dogs. Pest management refers to a long-term strategy of deterring pests, by making the area uninhabitable to them, eg. bird netting or spikes. Project Multi Pest offers a range of control and management services, specialising in natural and humane methods.

Is pest control safe for pets?

Most chemicals used to remove pests are safe for domestic animals, but there are some exceptions. It is important to discuss the course of treatment with your pest controllers and request an animal-friendly solution. If in doubt as to an off-the-shelf solution, read the instructions very carefully and do not be hasty. To be on the safe side, remove all pets from the area being treated and consider moving them from the house altogether in case they wander. Project Multi Pest avoid the use of harmful chemical substances, preferring a natural approach to pest control. We use dogs to flush out rodents, which is a far kinder and cleaner way to dispatch of them than poison or traps.

How does pest management work?

Pest management is a long-term strategy to safeguard your property against infestations. Starting with a consultation, a professional pest technician will talk through any existing infestation and discuss removal methods. To ensure that they do not return, they will advise you on how to deter pests and may offer solutions such as bird netting or spikes. They can also offer general advice on spotting the signs of infestation and how to pest-proof your building.

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