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Kent certainly lives up to its nickname as the ‘Garden of England’, thanks to its rolling countryside, lush valleys, and coastal views. But although Kent draws visitors and holidaymakers from far and wide to its shores, this charming county also attracts a large number of pests.

Pest control in Kent is largely focused on invasive insects and rodents, but it is the seagulls and pigeons that are often left to rule the roost. Attracted by fish and chip wrappers and overflowing bins, pest birds may look harmless enough soaring around in the sky, but when they choose to nest nearby, swoop for scraps and foul on beautiful buildings, they can cause significant destruction and even spread disease.

Dealing with bird problems in both urban and countryside areas is a constant challenge, but PMP strives to be your one-stop option when looking for a pest control company in Kent. Unlike other pest control companies who prioritise their services to bugs and rodents, we promise to rid you of all opportunistic pests including birds. So, if you want to enjoy the serene beauty that Kent offers without worrying about unwanted pest guests, why not give us a call today?

About PMP - The professional ethical choice for pest control

We have been in the business of pest control for over a decade, over the years we have seen the industry start to fight a losing battle. Not only does poison come cheap, but the pests started to develop immunity. 

Inspired to find a long term, safe and kinder solution for all – we started Project Multi Pest in 2016 with an aim to make a difference.

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National Pest Technician Association

Our technicians are all fully certified by the National Pest Technician Association. We are also fully trained in dog, falcon and ferret handling and we boast a 10/10 Checkatrade rating.

24 Hour Emergency Pest Control

We understand you don’t want to wait to solve your pest problem which is why we work around the clock. Call our 24 hour service or email us today for a competitive pest control quote.

Dedicated Team

Five falcons, three dogs, two ferrets (for those hard to reach rodent jobs), and two humans make up our team at PMP. We adore our small, highly select, and multi-talented family.

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Homes and businesses in Kent are plagued by a wide variety of pests. Simply call or email us for friendly, expert advice.

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Commercial Pest Services for Businesses in Kent

Running a business can be hard work enough without the need to eradicate unwelcome visitors. Whether it’s angry birds driving your customers away or rodents ransacking your warehouses and terrorising your staff, we are here to get things under control without skipping a beat.

Discreet, fast and professional – we can claim your territory back in no time. Our commercial pest control services in Ashford make the ethical choice easy, leaving your conscience and your company squeaky clean.

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We are proud of the service we provide and have many happy reviews from our customers. If you are an existing customer please leave Project Multi Pest a review on Checkatrade or Google.
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