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Pest Bird Control & Falconry for Hospitals

Expert falconry services for healthcare

We appreciate that your patients come first, and pest control may not be top of your agenda.

Hospitals offer ideal conditions for gulls and pigeons to live and breed, bringing with them a host of problems for patients and staff.

A hospital building has a multitude of places ideal for nesting and roosting. Pigeons frequently congregate on hospital rooftops, under car parks, around loading docks and near outdoor eating areas.

Hospitals are meant to provide a safe haven for sick and vulnerable patients, so being exposed to a multitude of diseases that pest birds and their excrement spread, could be potentially fatal.

The problem with pest birds and hospitals

To the average city-dweller, a pigeon or gull is often no more than a nuisance, but for hospitals and other healthcare settings, pest birds can be incredibly dangerous.

Dried bird droppings that are left to fritter around vents and skylights carry spores that can affect the health of patients with weakened immune systems. In fact, bird droppings are known to carry around 60 different diseases, most of which can be contracted by humans.

On top of this, hospitals need to have good ventilation, so windows are often left ajar. Here, bird faeces found on ledges and windowsills can pose a problem as the spores enter patient rooms.

No one is safe outside either, as bird droppings can be just as problematic when welded onto lunch tables, benches and chairs that may be used by staff, patients or visitors alike.

To keep your hospital operating safely, you should install effective deterrents that discourage pest birds from perching, roosting, and nesting such as falconry, netting, spikes and wires.

Project Multi Pest can prescribe a healthy dose of pest bird control for your hospital

Your patient’s health depends on a clean, pest bird free environment and so does your hospital’s reputation. This is why getting the right pest control management is so important.

At Project Multi Pest we can scare away pigeons and gulls using a natural deterrent – our Falcon and Harris Hawk Birds of Prey.

For sustained clearance of pigeons it is necessary to make the area consistently hostile so that they learn to avoid it. Removing one flock may only open up the area to others if the methods are not maintained.

Thanks to time, persistence, and in combination with a host of other pest control solutions, we will ensure that a pigeons’ behaviour is changed and that they learn to avoid your hospital site.

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