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Pest Bird Control & Falconry for Hospitals

To the average city-dweller, a pigeon or gull is often no more than a nuisance, but for hospitals and other healthcare settings, pest birds can be incredibly dangerous. Your hospital should provide a safe haven for sick and vulnerable patients, so being exposed to a multitude of diseases that pest birds and their excrement spread could be potentially fatal.

We understand the challenges hospitals face in maintaining a hygienic and tidy environment, and our bird control services are crafted to address these concerns with care.

At Project Multi Pest, we are a dedicated team of commercial pest control experts helping hospitals, medical facilities, and other large sites remain free from nuisance birds. We use the most natural and discrete bird control methods, which are environmentally friendly and safe for both humans and animals.

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Which kind of bird control can be used to prevent birds from causing problems?

There are many effective methods for preventing birds from causing problems in hospitals, but a swift and long-term solution is vital.

Some bird-proofing measures, including pigeon spikes and pigeon netting, will do well in keeping the problem at bay, as they prevent feral pigeons and nesting gulls from settling in the area. However, they aren’t always the most effective at keeping pest birds away for good – not to mention they are a bit of an eyesore.

For places like hospitals, doctor surgeries and other medical centres, a lasting bird control solution is vital, as it keeps the areas hygienic and safe for staff, patients and visitors alike. Our falconry services are the most efficient form of bird control for healthcare facilities, especially in urban areas where pest birds are at an all-time high.

How can pest birds become a problem for hospitals?

Hospitals are incredible places that keep people well and perform life-saving procedures. However, to do that, they must also stay clean and sanitary so that they eliminate the spread of germs and protect the most vulnerable people there.

Pest birds can become a huge health and safety issue in hospitals due to the increased risk of diseases, structural damage and disruption.

Dried bird droppings that are left to build up around vents and skylights carry spores that can affect the health of patients with weakened immune systems. In fact, bird droppings are known to carry around 60 different diseases, most of which can be contracted by humans.

On top of this, hospitals need to have good ventilation, so windows are often left ajar. Here, bird faeces found on ledges and windowsills can pose a problem as the spores enter patients’ rooms.

No one is safe outside either, as bird droppings can be just as problematic when welded onto lunch tables, benches and chairs that may be used by staff, patients or visitors.

To keep your hospital operating safely, you should install effective deterrents that discourage pest birds from perching, roosting, and nesting. This is what the team at Project Multi Pest specialise in.

Expert falconry services for healthcare

Our falconry services for healthcare facilities use highly-trained birds of prey, including hawks and falcons, to initiate the fear response in smaller nuisance birds.

When we begin to incorporate falconry, the birds of prey will regularly circle the problem areas to scare off pest birds. It is an immediate and lasting solution when used over a prolonged period, as the pest birds will soon find that the area is occupied and flee in search of a new home.

With our regular falconry service, you will begin to see significant improvements within 3-8 months. We recommend a minimum of 2 visits per week to ensure fast and efficient removal of pest birds.

If your hospital or healthcare facility has lasting damage from a build-up of bird droppings, then we can assist in the cleanup with our bird-dropping removal service.

Benefits of using birds of prey to prevent nuisance birds at hospitals

Birds of prey is a natural method of commercial pest control for targeting pest birds in hospitals and healthcare settings. It has many benefits to the environment, patients, staff and wildlife.

Bird nest prevention

A hospital building has a multitude of places ideal for nesting and roosting. Pigeons frequently congregate on hospital rooftops, under car parks, around loading docks and near outdoor eating areas. These issues can become particularly worse during the breeding season.

Our birds are trained to cover all areas, leaving no stone unturned, and no birds nest unchecked. Their presence is enough to threaten the nuisance birds and prevent them from building nests or settling in the area.

Humane methods of bird control

At PMP, we find all birds and creatures fascinating and would never intend to cause serious harm to them. At the same time, we understand the need for effective pest control, especially in healthcare settings. This is why we use falconry as a natural and humane method for preventing pest birds.


Certain bird control measures can be visually or audibly disruptive, which isn’t great for people who need rest. We use falconry as a quick and discreet way to eliminate your bird problem, ensuring minimal disruption to hospital patients. This means patients can enjoy a peaceful and safe atmosphere to rest and recover.

Project Multi Pest can prescribe a healthy dose of pest bird control for your hospital

Your patient’s health depends on a clean, pest-bird-free environment, and so does your hospital’s reputation. This is why getting the right pest control management is so important.

At Project Multi Pest, we can scare away pigeons and gulls using a natural deterrent – our Falcon and Harris Hawk birds of prey. Not only do we offer effective bird control and falconry for hospitals, but we also cover car parkslandfill sites and schools.

Our falconry services for hospitals and healthcare facilities are offered on a contractual basis with regular visits to ensure effective and lasting bird control that focuses on permanently reducing the pest bird infestation.

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