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Bird Control & Falconry for Landfill Sites

We can help to keep your landfill site bird free

Birds are often unwelcomed guests at landfill sites, but we can prevent them from becoming permanent residents.

We all like a takeaway, and scavenging gulls and pigeons are no exception. Waste and landfill sites represent one thing to these pest birds – a place they can visit in order to grab and go.

Landfill birds are raucous, ravenous, unruly mess-makers that long outstay their welcome. Thanks to the ever-rising piles of food waste that ends up at our dumps, we have seen a recent surge in the pest bird population.

When birds feed at a landfill site, they quickly become immune to traditional pest control methods such as loud noises and flashing lights. But, in order to send pigeons, gulls and even geese soaring off into the sunset for good we need to work with nature, not against it.

This is why at Project Multi Pest, we use predatory birds of prey such as Harris Hawks and Falcons to scare pest birds away.

The problem with landfill pest birds

Where there is waste, there’s bacteria that can harbour the risk of potential illness. Large bird infestations can be a threat to public health due to hygiene risks which arise when birds spread diseases such as Salmonella and E-Coli to neighboring towns and cities.

No one wants to recreate Daphne Du Maurier‘s novel, The Birds, but some gulls will attack if they feel they have something to protect. Dive bombing directly from the sky, they can cause injuries to workers either with their beaks or from falling objects as they fly by.

Unfortunately, what goes in, has to come out, and the acidic accumulation of bird droppings can not only cause corrosion damage to equipment but can significantly deteriorate nearby buildings.

So, as you can see, what might look like a harmless flock of birds flying around your landfill site, is actually a health and safety hazard.

PMP won’t waste your time

At Project Multi Pest we know that different types of birds respond to various solutions, so look to create tailor made plans that solve your landfill pest bird problem.

Having carried out a no obligation comprehensive risk assessment to assess the hazards to the local environment and the health and safety of you staff and visitors, we will create a cost effective programme of control.

This will include the use of Falconry as well as long term preventative methods such as bird wires, nets and spikes.

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