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Bird Control & Falconry for Schools & Universities

If you work at a school, college or university, you’ll soon begin to realise the issues that pest birds create. From disrupting children and staff to posing potential threats to the safety and cleanliness of your school, it’s safe to say that something needs to be done about it!

That’s where Project Multi Pest come in.

Our methods for effective bird control are swift and safe, leaving you and your pupils to enjoy a cleaner and quieter place to learn.

We can help keep your schools, colleges, and universities safe, clean, and bird-free!

The school playground should be a place where students, staff and teachers feel secure, but the arrival of pest birds at break times is causing hazardous problems for many educational settings.

Thanks to open courtyards, outdoor eating areas and overflowing rubbish bins, the school playground provides the perfect place for flocks of hungry birds to feast.

In large cities, black-headed gulls have become so well adapted to human urban environments that they not only know where to seek out food…but when! In fact, these shrewd birds have shifted their own mealtimes specifically to fit in with our school timetables.

Failure to implement any effective bird control measures sees these hungry birds dive bombing or stalking our school playgrounds, lining roof ledges and other lofty perches just waiting to clear away our children’s leftovers.

Stop bird damage and disease

Pest birds, such as pigeons and gulls, can do considerable damage to school property. Whilst their nesting debris can clog up our gutters and interfere with our vents, skylights, and signage, their toxic fresh bird droppings can damage and corrode the buildings themselves.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, after eating all the playground snacks, these flighty foes splatter their faeces across our outdoor spaces, too. Left to fester, these droppings could not only expose students to a host of diseases (including Salmonella and E. coli) but are slippery when wet and can cause serious accidents.

A lesson in how Project Multi Pest can deal with your pest bird problem at your school or university

Project Multi Pest can effectively and discreetly tackle any pest bird issues you face, whether it is through a one-off basis or an annual pest management contract.

We can offer a highly professional pest bird control service across schools, colleges and universities in London and Kent. Using falconry, a natural method of pest bird control, our birds of prey can persuade pigeons and gulls to move on elsewhere.

Falconry and bird control services

Our falconry service is a natural and effective pest control method for ridding schools and other educational facilities of nuisance birds. It is an effective form of bird scaring that triggers the threat response in small and large birds, preventing them from landing and nesting in your school.

Falconry works by using larger birds of prey to circle problem areas, such as the school building, playground and other outdoor facilities. The pest birds will soon vacate the area due to fear of harm to themselves or their families.

It is most effective when used over a long period, as it not only scares pest birds away initially but also discourages them from returning as they soon realise the area is occupied. They will then flee the area in search of a new home.

Bird-dropping removal for schools and universities

Things can get a bit messy when nuisance birds decide to leave their mark around schools and universities. You may not realise it yet, but those bird droppings are more than just an eyesore. From school property destruction to potential diseases and accidents, pest bird droppings can be problematic in many ways.

At Project Multi Pest, we understand the importance of a clean, safe and bird-free environment for learning. We will not only help you rid your educational facility of your pest bird issue but also clean up the mess they leave behind with our bird-dropping removal service.

We use a mix of powerful cleaners and jet pressure washers to remove bird-dropping mess, kill germs and lift stains without damaging surface areas. We’ll be sure to collect, remove and dispose of the build-up in a secure and sanitary way, so you’ll have peace of mind that your school or university is left spotless.

Pest bird-proofing

As with most problems, when it comes to bird control, prevention is essential to avoid future infestations. We can help protect your school or university from roosting or visiting birds with various tried and trusted methods, including falconrybird spikesnetting and wires.

Why choose Project Multi Pest?

At PMP, We are committed to keeping your schools safe with our pest control services for nuisance birds. We are experienced professionals and highly discreet, and we will keep the realities of our pest bird control out of sight by working around your students, staff, parent pickups, and school hours.

Whether you’re looking for yearly bird control or a one-time service, with the help of PMP and the feathered falconry team, we can get to the bottom of your pest bird problem once and for all.

To find out more about our specialist bird control solutions for schools, colleges and universities, including falconry and bird-proofing methods, contact us for a pest control quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about how to prevent birds in the most natural and safest way possible, please take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below or see how we have helped many happy clients with our pest control services.

Are bird deterrents safe for students and staff?

At Project Multi Pest, we care about the safety of animals and humans, which is why we prioritise using natural methods for pest control. We ensure the safety of students and staff by using falconry for bird control, a discrete and natural form of pest management.

Can bird control methods be environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! Falconry is a natural bird control solution which uses birds of prey to scare pest birds away from problem areas. It relies on the instinctive nature of pest birds, encouraging them to flee the area for their safety. Since no chemicals or dangerous tools are involved, this form of bird control is safe for both humans and the environment.

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