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Professional Pest Control Services

Pest Services for the Home

A healthy home is a happy home, but when rats are scuttling through the walls and mice are chewing through your shoes, it’s far from a welcoming place to be. Our aim is to return your home to a sweet sanctuary without the need to leave a trail of death and destruction in our wake.

Most pest services will swing by, drop some poison and waltz out the door. While effective, this also leaves you to deal with dead and dying rodents, the odor of decay, and the threat of the same thing happening all over again in a few weeks. Our specially trained dog service offers a speedy, clean and long-term solution.

If you have pigeons sloshing about your roof, or seagulls dive bombing you every time you step outside – our falcons are the best choice for driving these pests away. Don’t be a prisoner in your home, at Project Multi Pest our aim is to erase the problem without causing a smidge of stress.

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Homes and businesses are plagued by a wide variety of pests. Simply call or email us for friendly, expert advice.

Additional PMP Services

Commercial Pest Services for Businesses

Running a business can be hard work enough without the need to eradicate unwelcome visitors. Whether it’s angry birds driving your customers away or rodents ransacking your warehouses and terrorising your staff, we are here to get things under control without skipping a beat.

Discreet, fast and professional
– we can claim your territory back in no time. Our commercial pest control services make the ethical choice easy, leaving your conscience and your company squeaky clean.

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