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Balcony Netting for Cats

Just because you live in an urban area, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a cat owner. Many cat lovers choose to keep their feline friend indoors to keep it out of harm’s way. But flat dwellers face the predicament of having their balcony door permanently shut to stop their cat from getting outdoors.

Balcony netting for cats is an ideal solution to keep cats safe on balconies. Cat nets are barely visible, weather resistant and attach to a wire frame on your balcony railing. It means that your cat, and other small pets, have a safe place to enjoy the fresh air without the risk of falling.

This is great news for indoor cats – or those who like to explore and are perhaps a little too confident! Read on for more frequently asked questions on balcony cat nets.

For a quote on balcony netting in the Kent and Greater London area, please contact Project Multi Pest on 0800 1933351 or click here to request a quote online.

Balcony netting for cats service by PMP

Keeping your pet safe and birds away

Cat net has been around for a while now and provides pet owners with valuable peace of mind. It essentially acts as a safety net, creating an outdoor enclosure where cats can exercise or stretch out and enjoy the sun.

An added bonus is that a cat net will also help keep nuisance birds, like pigeons, off of your balcony. As any city dweller knows, pigeons are not only a noisy inconvenience. Their droppings can cause an unsightly mess and are rife with disease-causing pathogens. If you have a problem with pest birds, then it’s possible to attach a cat net on the outside of your railings, to keep them safely at bay. Win-win.

What is balcony netting for cats?

Cat netting is made from either nylon (or another non-toxic synthetic), or fine metal mesh pulled taut across a metal frame. The mesh typically has gaps between 10mm and 50mm, providing protection to even the smallest of cats. It is UV-protected and weather resistant, making it incredibly durable.

There are a few ways to install a balcony cat net. The most common way is to run a wire around the balcony and attach the net to it. It can be attached by drilling holes, using clamps, magnet fixings and fixings specially designed for rendering.

How much does cat netting cost?

Like cats, balconies come in all shapes and sizes. So it’s hard to give a ballpark figure without a site visit. Our entry-level price is £253+VAT for materials and installation.

Can this be used for all pets?

Balcony netting is not only cat safe; it can be dog safe too. If you have a small dog that can’t jump as high as the railing, then the netting will protect them in the same way as it does cats.

London pest control and balcony netting specialists

Project Multi Pest is a pest control specialist serving Kent and Greater London. As well as our extensive knowledge of bird controlhousehold pests and commercial pests, we specialise in protective balcony netting for cats and other small pets.

For a quote on balcony cat nets, call 0800 1933351 or request a quote online.

Not usually, as it doesn't count as a permanent structure, but it is wise to check with your local authority. If you are a tenant, you will need to get permission from your landlord. In our experience, usually there isn't a problem as the transparent cat net is barely visible.

Cats are sure-footed creatures, but they are nervous about climbing anything unstable. Balcony cat netting is flexible, and so it's highly unlikely they will attempt to climb it.

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