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Bed Bug Heat Treatment in London

Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment

As a nation, we have become more aware of the effects of pesticides on our public health and are starting to seek out a number of new ways in which we can deal with pests such as bed bugs.

Bed Bug Heat treatment is a new, eco-friendly method of removing bed bugs from your home. It is harmless to both people, pets and possessions, yet extremely effective against pests that are in their early stages of infancy and are often not even noticeable to the naked eye.

At Project Multi Pest, we offer this toxin-free solution to treating bed bugs, fleas, moths and cockroaches by raising the temperature of the infested room to an unbearable heat for an extended period of time.

If you have a problem with pests, live in London or the surrounding areas and require an effective and fast-acting solution, then contact us today to find out more about our bed bug heat treatment.

What is bed bug heat treatment?

Bed bugs are masters at hitchhiking, and enjoying riding on planes, trains and on the clothes of tourists. It therefore comes as no surprise to find that the populated city of London and the cute coastal resorts around Kent are prime bed bug destinations.

Successfully getting rid of bed bugs relies on early detection, good preparation and the use of the correct treatment methods. So, if you discover these blood-sucking vampires within your home or business, then the best way to get rid of bed bugs is to use our space heat treatment.

Heat is a great method of attack as bed bugs are renowned for being incredibly tough and resilient. Whereas once pesticides were traditionally used to tackle bed bugs, people are starting to become more aware of the serious implications to the environment and our personal health when they are misused. On top of that, bed bugs and other insects have become resistant to many pesticides, making it even harder to eradicate these pesky pests.

Proven to kill bed bugs in all phases of their life cycle, our special space heaters are programmed to reach temperatures of up to 56°C – making it easy to eliminate larva, nymphs and eggs as well as adult bed bugs from your property, in one simple treatment.

How does bed bug heat treatment work?

Our bed bug treatment works by raising the temperature within all affected areas to an extreme heat. This then dries out the bugs’ bodies, killing them instantly.

The trick is to get every square inch of your home to the same deadly temperature which is why our heat treatment machines have sensors, to monitor temperatures in every nook and cranny. And, if we find cold spots, then we will use a bed bug superheated steamer to reach the required temperature.

The best thing about using heat to eradicate bed bugs as opposed to pesticides, is that it not only kills the bug itself, but can exterminate it at every stage of its life cycle. This includes eggs, nymphs and adults.

Another great thing about using a heat treatment is that it targets all areas of the room in which it is placed. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where the bed bug hides – whether there are in cracks and crevices or linen and sheets – there is nowhere safe for them to escape.

How to prepare for bed bug heat treatment

Our space heaters are extremely effective and relatively non-invasive compared with other methods of pest control, but it does require some preparation on your part beforehand.

It is important that you make sure that you declutter the room and that perishables such as food or plants are removed while the heating process is going on. All flammable or potentially explosive items such as aerosols should also be taken out of the room before the heating treatment begins.

But remember, when removing potentially infested items from your home, to do so with care, so as not to contaminant the clothing you’re wearing at the time. This will only cause more pest control problems further down the line.

You and your pets should also wait a safe amount of time before re-entering the room after the heat treatment is complete, to allow for the temperature within your home to drop and cool down.

The great thing about heat treatment over harsh chemicals and pesticides is that rooms can be back in action straight after the process has taken place, and no furnishings have to be thrown away.

At Project Multi Pest we can explain the process in detail and will happily help you with your heat treatment preparation.

Project Multi Pest can help you sleep easy

Bed bugs are more common than you think and are experts in a good game of hide and seek. Able to lurk in the smallest of creases, the thinnest of wrinkles and the tiniest of gaps, once they have discovered a cosy place to rest and a tasty place to feed, they will make themselves at home.

Renowned for being incredibly difficult to get rid of and able to reproduce at a startling rate of speed, it doesn’t take long for these tiny pests to become fearsome foes. But when the time comes to fighting back against bed bugs, it is important that you seek professional help.

Heat treatment is the more favourable solution over chemicals and is better for the environment and your own personal health. At Project Multi Pest we offer pest control space heat treatment services throughout London and to surrounding counties including Kent.

Why choose Project Multi-Pest for your heat treatment?

Bed bugs can be the bane of any business and are a pain at best for most property owners. At Project Multi-Pest we offer a pest control solution that is incredibly discreet and efficient.

Thanks to our specialist team and industry leading equipment, our heat treatments usually take between six and eight hours (depending on the size of the property) from start to finish and offers rapid eradication of bed bugs.

Our machines can be used in multiple rooms and across many items of furniture, in addition to mattresses and sofas. Although our heat treatment is primarily used to target bed bugs it can be also be used to combat cockroaches and moths, and is even effective against other insects, including fleas, beetles and woodworm.

Bed bug heat treatment - 100% guaranteed eradication

So confident are we in our space heat treatment, that at Project Multi-Pest we guarantee to eradicate all signs of bed bugs or other insect infestations on the same day as treatment.

So if you have a pest control problem, then contact Project Multi-Pest today. We are on hand to provide heat treatment and bed bug advice to those who are situated in London or Kent, and only take payment once treatment is successful and complete.

How much does bed bug heat treatment cost?

Costs will vary depending on the type of heat treat treatment used and the size of the infestation. To find out more about our space heat treatment for bed bugs, get in touch with us today by filling in our contact form. An experienced pest control expert will get back to you ASAP to offer you friendly, no obligation advice and can provide you with a free quotation.

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