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Bed Bug Steam Treatment in London

Even the very thought of having tiny bugs nestling in our beds is enough to make us itch! A bed bug infestation can be very frustrating, leading to a lack of sleep, irritating bites, and potentially harming mental health.

Bed bugs multiply quickly and are often hard to see, making them nearly impossible to eliminate without professional intervention.

The good news is that we are experts in the bed bug department.

Professional bed bug steam treatment

We are Project Multi Pest. We deliver professional bed bug treatments to homes across London and Kent. By searching in the various areas where pesky bed bugs tend to hide and using an industrial steam cleaning treatment, we can eliminate bed bugs and their eggs in minutes.

At PMP, we are a natural and humane pest control company helping clients with various distressing pest problems, from unwanted rats and mice to those pesky little bed bugs and other insect intruders. We pride ourselves on taking a safer approach to pest removal, ensuring you and your pets are well looked after.

If you desperately need to get rid of bed bugs from your home or business, then get in touch, and we’ll happily step in.

Professional bed bug steam treatment in London

What is steam heat treatment for bed bugs?

We use steam treatment as a safer and more effective pest control method for ridding your property of bed bugs. It requires an industrial steam cleaner to blast the bed bugs with extremely hot steam. The steam vapour reaches temperatures of up to 180ºC, killing the bugs and any bed bug eggs within a matter of seconds.

Steam treatment is an organic method, making it safe for humans and pets.

How does bed bug steam treatment work?

Bed bug steam treatment works by spreading hot steam across the entire surface area where the bugs hide. The heat produced is enough to stun the bed bugs and eradicate them at each stage of their life.

How to prepare for a bed bug steam treatment

Let us help you prepare for your bed bug steam treatment. With a few simple steps, you can help maximise the impact of our natural and effective bed bug removal process.

  1. Clear the pathway and remove any clutter so our pest experts have easy access.

  2. Remove any bedding, clothing and fabrics from the affected areas.

  3. Wash all fabrics on high heat to eliminate bed bugs, and then bag up the fabrics to prevent bugs from returning to them.

  4. Vacuum the area to create a clean workspace free from debris.

  5. Let us know of any specific issues you want us to target so we can tailor our service to your needs.

Our steam-heat treatment service for bed bugs

Our superheated steam not only reaches temperatures that eliminate pesky bed bugs and their eggs, but it does so without causing harm to humans, pets or the planet.

Whether you’re looking to remove bed bugs from your home or business, we can help! We offer a comprehensive service that comprises an initial consultation, careful assessment, treatment of affected areas and post-treatment support.

Our powerful steam cleaner will target bed bugs at their source in just a few minutes.

  • Fast and effective bed bug removal

  • Eco-friendly solution that’s safe for pets, children and yourself

  • Thorough coverage from pest control specialists

  • Minimal distribution to your day-to-day life

  • Expert guidance for a pest-free future

We always suggest that the entire property should be treated, as bed bugs can drop off clothing onto other areas of the property. By treating the whole property, we will help you eradicate the bed bug problem much faster. We can also offer a super-effective heat treatment that targets all areas of the affected room.

How much does it cost?

Our steam treatment service is a cost-effective bed bug solution that is not only easy on your wallet but also highly effective and safe for you and anyone in the household. Say goodbye to those unwanted guests with our high-quality bed bug treatment service.

For an average two-storey, three-bed property, our organic bed bug treatment is £163 (plus VAT). You may require 2-3 visits to target the initial bed bugs and a final visit to eradicate any hatched eggs.

How many treatment sessions are needed to eradicate bed bugs?

While our steam sessions are highly effective and provide little disruption to your home, the number of sessions you require can vary depending on the severity of your bed bug infestation. A single treatment may be sufficient, but additional sessions may be required for a more complex case.

While our steam treatments are highly effective, we can also offer professional advice and guidance on how to prevent bed bugs from returning.

Why choose Project Multi Pest?

If bed bugs are destroying your sleep and quality of life, we’re here to bring it back with our natural and pet-friendly pest removal services.

At Project Multi Pest, we offer a specialist service for safe and affordable bed bug removal. With a sharp eye and the right equipment, our steam treatment service is an effective solution for ridding your property of those nasty little critters.

Don’t let bed bugs multiply quickly! Contact PMP today to discuss the next stages of your pest removal.

Frequently asked questions about bed bug stream treatments

For more information about steam treatments for bed bugs, please take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below.

Does steam treatment work for bed bugs?

Yes, steam treatment is an effective method for removing bed bugs, but it requires a meticulous approach, especially when the creepy crawlies hide in difficult-to-get-to cracks and crevices. This is why we use industry-specific streamers and advise combining the treatment with other methods to ensure a complete eradication.

How long does the impact of steam treatment last?

The impact of successful steam treatments for bed bugs depends on several factors, like the complexity of your bed bug issue and the preventative measures you take post-treatment. We provide a well-executed treatment that ensures immediate relief, along with professional support to help you reduce the chances of re-infestation.

What is the difference between heat treatment and steam treatment for bed bugs?

Steam treatments- use a more targeted approach by directly applying heat to specific surface areas to steam kill bed bugs almost instantly. It is typically more affordable, less disruptive and reaches even the most hidden places.

Heat treatments- use specialist equipment to heat the entire room to a specific temperature in order to kill pest bugs. While it is a very effective method, it can cause slight disruption as you may be required to leave the area temporarily.

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