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Biohazard Cleaning Services in London

Biohazard cleanup for crime scenes or the natural demise of a person, are often seldom thought about, yet vitally essential as a health and safety cleaning service. Whether it is crime scene or trauma cleaning services needed, professional biohazard cleaners are fully equipped and experienced to handle this important job.

At PMP, we offer biohazard cleaning services to homes and businesses in the London and Kent area at an affordable rate. With a commitment to thorough cleaning and sanitation and sense of decorum for the deceased or those traumatised, we will handle these cleans with compassion and care.

In this guide, we will explore some commonly asked questions about biohazard cleaning services to help you become acquainted with the process. Read on to find out all there is to know about biohazard cleaning and how Project Multi Pest can help.

What is biohazard cleaning?

Bio hazard cleaning are a health and safety optimised, specialised type of cleaning and removal services revolving around biological waste. Commonly, this involves crime scene cleaning as well as trauma cleaning for unattended death cleanups.

Much like certain types of pest control, a biological hazard requires both cleaning, removal, and a thorough sanitation of the affected area, due to the possibility of viruses or diseases being easily transmitted from something like bodily fluids.

This service can also include decontamination, the removal and sanitation of hoarding situations, sanitation of removal of rodent nests -which is classified as a biohazard – and much more.

Why is biohazard cleanup dangerous?

Biological hazards are considered as a public health emergency and this is because fluids and organic matter that have expired can carry certain health risks for those who breathe in or are exposed to the waste.

For this reason, not only must the material be removed and the area immaculately cleaned, but a complete decontamination of the affected area must also be done.

Let’s take a closer look at three primary ways in which biohazardous materials are dangerous.

Bodily fluids

Blood, gastric enzymes, urine and faecal matter, are all classified as biohazard situations, since there are potentially contagious pathogens that can exist in the body’s various fluids.

In fact, UK law lists the clean up of blood and other fluids from the body as substances hazardous to a person’s health. This is regulated under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations Act of 2002.

Body fluids require a type of specialist cleaning, and certain safety procedures must be utilised to ensure a full decontamination of the clean up area has taken place to avoid cross contamination.


In addition to the transmissible pathogens that come with blood and other fluids, organic waste can also emit numerous other types of bacteria and viruses through both the air as well as on surfaces.

This can be more pronounced than clinical waste, since the surrounding environment may not be as clean or sanitised as a hospital setting for example.

Those who die outdoors, or within a hot room during warm months, decompose at much more rapid rate and the presence of flies and maggots can also bring along additional pathogens to the area.

Potential damage to property

Specialist cleaning services are also important, due to the potential stains and damage that can be caused to property the longer the waste decomposes in an area.

This can also lead to problems with local authorities if a biohazard clean protocol has not taken place and poses risks to others nearby.

Specialist cleaning services for crime and trauma scenes can get to work immediately and work to restore the area of trauma post removal.

When to call a biohazard cleaning company for hazardous waste?

Cleaning services should be notified immediately upon the demise of a loved one if decomposition has begun or already taken place.

Emergency services and police forces have a legal duty to notify residents of the cleaning services that will be needed to address such an issue.

As mentioned, a bio hazard can take the form of many types of services beyond a crime scene, a decaying body, or other scenes of trauma.

It is also advisable to notify biohazard cleaners if swarms of dead rodents have been found in the home or if a person sick with a contagious disease, excretes body fluids that can cause infection to others.

PMP is a leading provider in cleaning biohazard scenes as well as in decontamination. Our team is equipped to handle all inquiries you may have when it comes to cleaning biohazard crime and traumatic scenes – in addition to a deep clean of an area post removal.

What does a biohazard cleaning service include?

One of the most dangerous aspects of biohazards is the risk of contamination, so whichever company you choose, it is important to ask if they are fully insured to handle such a service.

A typical bio hazard clean will include:

Is an unattended death the same as trauma?

Certain method statements about biohazardous cleaning are sometimes easily misinterpreted.

An unattended death is usually defined as the discovery of a loved one or person who has been dead for quite some time. At least long enough to the point of being in an active state of decomposition.

This can happen in as little as 12 to 24 hours post-death, and can be accelerated in warm or hot conditions – such as if the deceased passed away in an un air-conditioned or unventilated room.

Traumatic cleaning services are much more unexpected and tend to be sudden situations. A crime scene involving a murder, a suicide, a freak accident that has caused major bodily harm to an individual, and scenarios such as this.

Traumas must be handled very delicately since there are likely to be homeowners, employees, or even customers who have witnessed these scenes and may even be affected by the experience.

Types of biohazard cleaning we offer

At PMP, our company has a team that offers services for the cleaning of both crime areas as well as traumas. Our team specifically specialises in traumas and can also handle proper disposal of biohazards.

We offer:

Our team prioritises cleaning services that reduce risk, while restoring the affected area to the condition it was in before the unfortunate event occurred.

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Biohazard Cleanup Frequently Asked Questions

There can be no clear cut cost estimate for this type of service since each and every job of this magnitude brings with it a unique set of circumstances. At PMP, our business strives to offer bespoke and affordable prices every step of the way - from initial contact, to removal, cleaning, sanitation and beyond. Biohazard cleaning services can range anywhere from £300 to upwards of £2,000. It truly all depends on what must be achieved with the job and any associated risk involved with the cleaning.

After removal and cleaning services have been performed at the site, you may be wondering how the materials are disposed of?

Every business is unique in how they approach disposal. But generally throughout the UK, hazardous materials of this type are typically incinerated.

Incineration is typically preferred, because it can destroy all of the organic material once the heat temperatures are high enough.

For more information on how biohazards are destroyed, click here.

Biohazard cleaners should be called because it is a tremendous risk to attempt to try and clean a site such as this. You are dealing with potentially infectious materials that can cause severe harm to your health if absorbed into the skin or inhaled. Furthermore, cleaners specialising in these services are used to dealing with the hazards of this kind of job, and can therefore provide services that not only clean and sanitise the area, but that also can restore it back to the condition it was in before the event.

At PMP, our cleaners have both the knowledge and training to address these unpleasant cleaning services with respect, discretion, safety, and professional, reliable know-how.

Our cleanup team has received education in PPE protocols, blood-borne pathogen and respiratory protection knowledge, handling and transport, as well as extensive knowledge regarding hazardous materials and proper handling and disposal.

Why should you choose PMP for your biohazard crime scene cleaning services?

PMP strives to offer superior service dynamics across a wide number of fields. Pest control, wildlife removal, end of tenancy cleaning, and the cleaning of crime and areas of traumas.

All of our technicians are properly-trained in handling jobs that are not pleasant, but certainly necessary and in need of service providers that know how to perform this type of service and can excel at the job every step of the way.

When you contact us, we get to work right away putting you at ease and getting the job done, so that you can move on and seek closure from such an event.

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