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Bird Control in London

Pigeon and Seagull Bird Control Using Falconry

Pigeons and seagulls are a ubiquitous sight in London and Kent, but not always a welcome one. Even the most ardent bird lovers admit that they are, at best, a nuisance, and at worst a threat. Feral pigeons have a well-earned reputation for being pests and carriers of disease. Seagulls, being synonymous with our beautiful coastline, are viewed slightly more favourably. However, as any British holidaymaker knows, they are invasive and aggressive in their pursuit of food. Both of these pest birds can cause substantial damage to property and are the cause of distress to thousands of homeowners.

London Bird Control Specialists

Sometimes it is necessary to employ bird control methods, and Project Multi Pest in London believe that this should be done humanely and ethically. We offer a highly professional pest pigeon and seagull control service in London and Kent using falconry, a natural method of pest bird control that has been used for generations. We also specialise in tried and trusted bird proofing techniques to protect you and your property from unwanted guests.

If you are suffering an infestation from our feathered friends, please read on to find out why it is vital to take action and how we can offer our pest bird control services in London. Call us on 0800 193351 now or email us today for help and advice.

pest bird control in London using falconry

Falconry Bird Control Services in London

It is natural to want to rid your property of pest birds, but few people wish to cause them harm in the process. Outdated and inhumane control methods such as shooting birds, poisoning them and damaging their eggs are thankfully in the past. In fact, it is illegal to poison a pest bird or to interfere with nests without permission from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

There is a highly effective, natural and safe method of seagull and pigeon control that is our recommended course of action, and that is through the use of falconry.

Project Multi Pest are trusted specialists in this area and can offer our professional bird control services throughout London and Kent.

Meet our Falcon and Harris Hawk Birds of Prey

Author picture

Trevor is a tri-bred falcon, so he's half Peregrine, quarter Gyrfalcon and quarter Saker falcon. Trevor is a lively bird, who enjoys scaring off seagulls and pigeons.

Author picture

Bobby is a male Harris Hawk. He's 4 years old, and loves chasing pigeons. Like many of us, he gets grumpy when we wake him up in the morning.

Humane Bird Control

Our beautiful birds of prey have been lovingly reared since birth, and are highly proficient in warding off pigeons and seagulls. Our method is to allow our birds to circle and fly over the problem area on a regular basis. Pigeons and gulls soon get the message that the territory is occupied by a predator, and will take wing and move on. Using a natural threat like this is the most humane and effective way to rid your property of pest birds on a long-term basis.

We use a Harris Hawk and Saker Falcon, which have an article 10 certificate issued by DEFRA. They have been accustomed to humans and other animals since birth, and are unfazed by noise and built-up areas. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that no pigeons and gulls are hurt, and agree that it is a pleasure to see our birds at work.

Pigeon Pest Control London

Many have an out of sight, out of mind attitude to roosting birds, but when it comes to pigeons they can cause considerable wear and tear to your home if ignored. Commercial and public buildings, such as warehouses, office blocks, apartment buildings and hospitals are also vulnerable, particularly in urban areas of Kent and London. Pigeons will gladly settle on any available roof, gutter, balcony, or even in a drain, and have been known to cause millions of pounds worth of damage.

Pigeons live in flocks of up to 500, produce up to nine broods per year and can live to the ripe old age of 30. They are hard-wired to flock home, so once they settle somewhere, you can be certain that they will remain there for generations.

If you suspect your property has become home to nesting pigeons, it is important to act swiftly by enlisting the services of a pigeon control specialist in London such as Project Multi Pest.

Why you should take a pigeon control problem seriously

Property damage

Pigeons like to nest on roofs and can rearrange your tiles in the process, sometimes even smashing them to gain entry to the loft. Their droppings are highly acidic, so when they accumulate they can erode building materials and paint, causing structural damage over time. If they do gain access to the loft, the damage can extend to interior ceilings. If they choose to nest in guttering, it can cause blockages leading to flooding and standing water. They have even been known to nest in chimneys and ventilation pipes, causing damage and blockages.

Fire risk from pigeon nests

Made from dried twigs and sticks, pigeon nests are highly flammable. If allowed to build up in gutters, chimneys or drains, they can create an unacceptable fire risk. Contact us for pigeon nest removal services in London and Kent.

Health hazards

Far from being just unsightly, pigeon droppings carry diseases including salmonella and tuberculosis. While the risk of disease is low, the build-up of droppings, feathers and other detritus is a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria, inviting rot and decay. If droppings accumulate near food supplies such as in a restaurant or warehouse, it can cause contamination. Besides the enormous health risk this poses, it also results in costly waste and potential closure for the business owner.

Safety hazards

Pigeon droppings turn mouldy so are dangerous underfoot. In commercial buildings, nests can cause blockages in ventilation systems, which can increase the risk of carbon monoxide. Air conditioning systems can also be contaminated if droppings enter the water supply.

Falconry to remove pest pigeons

An infestation of pigeons is a serious matter, but rest assured, we can help. At PMP our recommended course of action for pigeon removal is through the use of falconry. It is a highly effective and humane pest control method that causes no harm to the pigeons.

pest seagull control london and kent

Pest Seagull Control and Removal London

While a seagull’s cry can conjure romantic visions of seaside holidays, it can also make many of us run for cover! Seagulls are opportunists, and are famous for swooping on unsuspecting holidaymakers when they spy food. While this is generally viewed in a lighthearted way, cases of injury are on the rise.

Controlling the growing seagull population in London and Kent is an area of increasing concern. At up to 66cm long, these powerful birds are an intimidating presence, especially in large numbers. They have adapted well to living in urban areas, attracted by a ready food supply, the warmer temperature and the many choices of roofs, gutters, eaves and even chimneys in which to roost.

If you suspect your property has become home to seagulls, it is not just the threat of attack that should concern you, it is also the damage to your property and the health risk they can pose. It is important to take action by enlisting the services of a bird control specialist in London such as Project Multi Pest.

Why you should take a seagull control problem seriously

Dive bombing

Gulls are well-known for dive-bombing for food, which can be very intimidating and can even cause injury to the face and body. This is not an attack as such, just an instinct to survive, encouraged by the fact that people regularly feed them. When they are at their most threatening is when they sense their territory or nest is being invaded. If they decide to call your property home, you are at serious risk of attack if you disturb them.

Property damage

As with pigeons (see above), seagull nests can cause blockages in chimneys, flues and guttering, resulting in costly damage to your property. They can cause havoc to ventilation and air conditioning systems, and a build-up of droppings can corrode building materials such as roof tiles.

Fire risk

Seagull nests make perfect kindling. Accumulation of old nests, for example in a chimney, can cause a serious fire hazard.

Health hazards

If gulls choose to call your roof home, you can be sure of a regular ‘gift’ on your walls, washing, car and any other available surface! However, annoying that may be, it is also a potential health hazard. As with pigeon droppings (see above), seagull droppings carry nasty diseases. A build-up of droppings is a serious health hazard, attracting insects and bacteria.

Noise pollution

While many people enjoy seagull cries in the right context, when there is a large flock calling together they can make a dismal racket. This is especially unpleasant in urban areas where businesses are trying to thrive. An infestation of gulls could potentially harm brand reputation and make the working environment very unpleasant.

Getting rid of seagulls using Falconry

Seagulls nesting on your property is a serious matter, but rest assured, we can help. At PMP our recommended course of action for bird control is through the use of falconry. It is a highly effective and humane pest control method that causes no harm to the pigeons.

To find out how we can assist you with bird proofing your property, such as with spikes or pigeon netting, see Pest Bird Prevention.

For ideas on how you can help to deter pest birds see our Hints and Tips.

Pigeon and Seagull Prevention Services

As with most problems, when it comes to bird control, prevention is essential to avoid future infestations. We can help to protect you and your property from nesting or visiting birds, with a variety of tried and trusted methods.

Contact us today to discuss the best seagull and pigeon proofing methods for your building or home. Our friendly and professional bird control team covers the London and Kent area, and will be glad to offer advice on the best way to keep your property bird free.

Bird spikes

Pigeon spikes can be attached to a number of surfaces including roofs, ledges and guttering. The metal spikes point upwards and make it a very unpleasant landing spot. No harm is done to the birds, as they simply will not land on them. Pigeon spikes are used in urban areas on commercial buildings and private properties. While not aesthetically pleasing, pigeon spikes are a highly effective deterrent.

Bird netting

The use of nets another humane method of pest bird deterrent. While they won’t solve an existing infestation, when placed on roofs and around chimneys they are an impenetrable barrier and also difficult to land on. Netting is very affordable, and more discreet than spikes so it lends itself well to listed buildings and private properties. Learn more about our bird netting services.

Bird wire

Tension wire can be strung from posts on rooftops and ledges, to prevent birds landing on the surface below. Like netting, it is an affordable and unobtrusive solution.

Bird Proofing Solar Panels London

Pigeons nesting below your solar panels can be very damaging and can void your solar panel warranty. The mess pigeons make can also cause a bird mite infestation which can spread to inside your home. Luckily we have a solution and can install a steel wire mesh around your solar panels to stop pest pigeons from entering below. Learn more about our solar panel pigeon proofing service in London.

Bird Control in London

Contact Project Multi Pest

If you have fallen victim to a pigeon or seagull invasion, call us at Project Multi Pest today to find out more about our specialist bird control methods, including falconry and bird proofing. We provide professional pest control services throughout Kent and Greater London and we are at your service 24/7. We also have a 10/10 rating on Checkatrade.
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