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Pigeon Netting London & Kent

Pigeon pest control using bird netting

Pigeons in London are such a familiar part of the landscape that most people are laid back about their presence. Which is all well and good if you’re a tourist out to get the perfect snapshot, but for London residents and business owners, pigeons can spell trouble. If pigeons decide to roost on your property, then they are far too close for comfort.

Pigeons will gladly settle on any available roof, gutter, balcony, or even in a drain, and if ignored, they can cause expensive damage. Not to mention that they are carriers of nasty diseases, so their droppings are potentially hazardous. For commercial property owners, pigeons are an unsightly health and safety nightmare, that may prove bad for business.

Pigeon flocks can number 500 are they are programmed to return home to roost, so once they settle somewhere you can be almost certain that they will return for generations. Fortunately, there are humane and effective bird control methods available to deter pigeons, such as bird netting.

Project Multi Pest are trusted pest control experts and we supply and install bird netting to both commercial and residential properties in all areas of London. We specialise in a wide range of humane pest control methods and can advise on further bird proofing solutions, such as spikes, and our preferred method, falconry.

What is bird netting?

Bird or pigeon netting is a method of bird proofing that deters pigeons and other pest birds from perching and nesting on buildings. It is widely used in urban areas such as London and provides a long term, effective bird control solution.

Bird netting comes in all shapes, colours, and sizes and is typically made from polyethylene wire, a highly durable material that can be fireproofed if necessary. It is weather and UV proof and comes in a range of mesh gauges depending on the species of bird or birds it is required to deter. It is stretched to create a tense barrier and is held in place with high-quality steel fittings.

Netting can be fixed to roofs, fascias, ledges, eaves, and chimneys to form an impenetrable barrier to pigeons and other pest birds.

Is bird netting effective?

Bird netting creates a taut mesh barrier to deter pigeons from perching on buildings, particularly on roofs. It is also used at entry points to buildings to stop pigeons from getting in. The use of bird netting in London is so ubiquitous that pigeons and other birds come to instinctively avoid it. A pigeon will find it almost impossible to land on netting, and although they are persistent creatures, London and other urban areas offer such a vast array of alternatives that they will soon give up.

It is important to note that bird netting is a deterrent method of pest control and can’t be used to deal with an existing pigeon infestation. Project Pest Control offers a wide range of humane pest control services to rid your property of pigeons, including our preferred method of falconry

We believe that prevention is as important as the cure, so once we are certain that that the last pigeon has left the building, we can advise you on the best preventative bird control methods for your, such as netting and spikes.

Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Pigeon Control

Solar panelling is a fantastic way for people to decrease their energy bills, and reduce their carbon footprint. They are one of the best investments you can make, not only for reducing your own outgoings but also for selling excess electricity back to the grid.

But, an unwelcome stay from some nuisance birds, will not only reduce the running efficiency of your solar panels but can cause higher maintenance costs over time.

Luckily, at Project Multi Pest we have a simple yet effective solution for residential and commercial customers in the London area, to stop problem pigeons and other rodents from nesting under your solar panels.

We have developed a long-lasting, guaranteed solar panel pigeon proofing system. Using a discreet, yet sturdy, thin galvanised steel mesh we will stop nuisance birds from getting under your solar panel arrays.

Our system is implemented either through clips or by carefully drilling, allowing the mesh to fit neatly over the entire panel and preventing birds from accessing the safe space underneath.

Is bird netting safe?

Bird netting is not designed to trap or harm pigeons and it is safe providing it is installed by a pest control professional. They will advise you on the exact type and gauge of net suitable for your property, according to the type of birds you wish to deter.

If poorly installed, bird netting can be hazardous to smaller birds, which is why it is essential to employ a bird control professional. At Project Multi Pest, we have a humane approach to pest control and we do not tolerate unnecessary suffering to any animals. We take great care to use the correct gauge of netting and have the knowledge and experience to install netting to minimise the risk to birds.

How much does bird netting cost in London?

Bird netting is a very affordable bird proofing solution, and providing it is installed by a professional it can last years. Most pigeon netting is made to order, so the overall cost will depend on the size and characteristics of your building.

Bird netting prices

Employing a pest control expert such as Project Multi Pest to install pigeon netting can give you valuable peace of mind. You can be confident of high quality materials and installation, and also that the finished job poses minimal risk to birds. An experienced pest controller can also make sure that netting is discreet, to maintain the aesthetic of your property, which is especially important for homeowners and for listed buildings.

Project Multi Pest offers a very competitive bird control service throughout London and our team would be pleased to provide you with a quote based on your particular property and requirements.

London pest control and bird netting specialists

Call us at Project Multi Pest today to discuss our tried and trusted bird proofing solutions. We can offer premium bird netting to suit every type of property, and our experienced team can give you valuable advice on further bird control solutions, such as our preferred method of using falconry.

We offer pest control service throughout London and will be happy to visit you to assess your bird control requirements. Our service is professional, honest and friendly, which has earned us a 10/10 score on Checkatrade.

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