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Pigeon Spikes London & Kent

Pigeon pest control using bird spikes

London simply wouldn’t be London with the familiar sight of pigeons. Although they are synonymous with our great city and a tourist favourite, they can cause misery to London residents and business owners. When pigeons decide to roost in your property it can be hugely disruptive, upsetting – and expensive.

Pigeons will gladly settle on any available roof, gutter, balcony, or even in a drain, and if ignored, they can cause costly damage. Not to mention that they are carriers of nasty diseases, so their droppings are potentially hazardous. For commercial property owners, pigeons are an unsightly health and safety nightmare, that may prove bad for business.

Pigeon flocks can number up to 500 and are they are hard-wired to return to their nest, so once they settle somewhere you can be almost certain that they will return for generations. Fortunately, there are humane and effective bird proofing solutions available to deter pigeons, such as pigeon spikes.

Project Multi Pest are trusted pigeon and bird control experts and we supply and install pigeon spikes to both commercial and residential properties in all areas of London. 

Contact us today to discover our wide range of other pest control services such as pigeon netting, and our preferred method, falconry.

What are pigeon spikes?

Pigeon spikes are an effective and humane form of pigeon control, which are attached to buildings to deter birds from perching and roosting. They are not intended to harm, they simply reduce the space available for pigeons to land.

Bird spikes are highly effective at deterring pigeons and are a good choice when birds are persistently landing on your building in large numbers. Although more widely seen on commercial properties, they can be installed on private houses, too. The spikes are made up of a row of blunt steel rods attached to a polycarbonate base, which can be affixed to a variety of surfaces such as roofs, ledges, chimneys and even signage.

Are pigeon spikes effective?

Pigeon spikes are a common sight in London, which is a testament to how effective they are. They are quick to install, highly versatile and provide immediate protection from pigeons and other nuisance birds, such as gulls.

Pigeons find it nigh on impossible to land around bird spikes, their criss-cross formation forming an impenetrable barrier. Plus of course, the spikes themselves offer a very uncomfortable landing that even the most persistent bird will pass on.

It is important to note that bird spikes are a deterrent method of pigeon control and can’t be used to deal with an existing pigeon infestation. Project Pest Control offers a wide range of humane pest control services to rid your property of pigeons, including our preferred method of falconry

We believe that prevention is as important as the cure, so once we are certain that that the last pigeon has left the building, we can advise you on the best bird proofing methods, such as bird netting and spikes.

Are pigeon spikes safe?

When installed professionally, pigeon spikes are a safe and enduring form of bird control. They are not designed to harm birds in any way, they simply make the area an undesirable and difficult place to land, by reducing the space available. If a bird attempts to land on or near a spike, they find it very difficult to balance and will soon give up and move on. They are so commonplace in London that birds come to instinctively avoid them.

To ensure spikes are secure and safe, it is essential they are fitted by a bird control specialist. At Project Multi Pest, we only use the most robust and high-quality materials, which are weather proof and will last for years. We are experienced in installing spikes on all types of properties across London and can offer valuable advice as to where and how to affix them for the best results.

Can spikes be used with pigeon netting?

Absolutely, buildings can be fitted with both spikes and netting to create the Fort Knox of the pigeon world. The spikes will deter birds from popular perching places such as ledges and netting can be affixed over chimneys, cracks and crevices to prevent them from gaining entry to your roof or loft space. The birds will quickly get the message that they are not welcome.

Project Multi Pest offer an integrated pigeon proofing service, which can be tailored to your property and specific needs.

How much do pigeon spikes cost in London?

Pigeon spikes are a very affordable form of pigeon proofing and can last for years making them a sound investment. They are very versatile and can be fitted to a number of different surfaces, so the overall cost will depend on the size and characteristics of your building.

Employing a bird control expert such as Project Multi Pest to install pigeon spikes can give you valuable peace of mind. You can be confident of high quality materials and installation, and also that the finished job poses minimal risk to birds. Although the spikes are more visible than bird netting, an experienced pest controller will take care to make them as discreet as possible, to maintain the aesthetic of your property.

Pigeon spikes and bird control London

At Project Multi Pest we offer a very competitive bird control service throughout London and our team would be pleased to provide you with a quote based on your property and unique requirements.

We are bird lovers and our methods are entirely humane, so you can be assured that no pigeon is harmed. Our pest control service is professional, honest and friendly, which has earned us a 10/10 score on Checkatrade.

Contact us today to discuss our tried and trusted pigeon proofing solutions, including spikes, pigeon netting and falconry.

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