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Commercial Pest Control Services in London and Kent

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Welcome to Project Multi Pest London

Pests come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they are persistent opportunists. The sheer numbers found in insect colonies and flocks of nuisance birds is a keen indicator of how successful they are at surviving in both rural and urban settings. An infestation of insects, rodents or birds is no reflection on you as a business owner, and even the most spotless and well maintained of commercial premises can be vulnerable to pest problems.

Pests are relentless in their bid to settle and breed, and will find a way in through vents, pipes and the tiniest of cracks. Remarkably, a mouse can squeeze itself through a gap of 25mm and a rat can easily pass through a crevice of no more than 20mm. Insects can easily find their way in to your commercial property via delivery crates, and once settled can cause havoc to your building, business and reputation, not to mention the health risks they pose.

There are plenty of off the shelf solutions that are readily available, but they offer nothing better than a short term fix. Once insects, rodents or birds have made themselves at home in your business, it is likely they will return time and again without the aid of professional commercial pest control services.

Professional commercial pest control solutions

At Project Multi Pest, we offer a professional and ethical commercial pest control service throughout Kent and London for businesses, to remove a multitude of unwanted guests such as nuisance birds, insects and rodents. We advocate prevention alongside removal, and can help you to devise a long-term pest management strategy. By choosing PMP, you can be assured of a discreet service and an effective solution that will safeguard your building against future infestations.

Experts in bird control, rodents and insects

We are experts in removing a wide variety of pests such as pigeons, gulls, mice, rats, wasps, bees, fleas and cockroaches. All of our pest controllers are fully trained and certified by the National Pest Technicians Association, and we enjoy a 10/10 rating on Checkatrade.

Our speciality is humane, natural pest management solutions, including the use of dogsfalconry and ferrets. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that there is no unnecessary cruelty and also that our methods are environmentally responsible.

24 hour commercial pest control London

We offer our specialist services to many sectors including hospitality venues, restaurants, shops, public buildings such as schools and hospitals, warehouses and factories across the London and Kent areas. Our friendly and expert pest technicians are available 24 hours a day for fast, effective pest removal. 

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Why you should confront a pest problem without delay

A commercial pest problem can be extremely stressful for business owners and can often be overlooked or avoided. However, it can cause all manner of serious problems to businesses if ignored, so our firm advice is to confront and deal with infestations as swiftly as possible. An effective pest control strategy is essential for any responsible business owner, in order to protect your profit, reputation and property, as well as the wellbeing of staff and visitors.

It is no secret that insects, vermin and birds carry all sorts of alarming diseases. In a busy commercial setting, this is potentially very hazardous, especially where food is stored and prepared. Contamination can easily occur where there are droppings and free-roaming insects, posing a serious public health risk and potential closure for the business. Droppings and detritus from nests can also contaminate water supplies, which then permeates your building by way of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Also, birds nests make for perfect kindling, and can create a serious fire risk when they accumulate over time.
Thanks to social media, news of an infestation can travel fast, adversely affecting your reputation and future customer consideration. This is especially fatal to the food, health and hospitality sectors of course, and once the damage is done, it can be very difficult to regain customer confidence. But pests can affect all sorts of businesses, projecting a poor public image and giving the impression of neglect. The best approach is to act at the very first sign, or even suspicion, of a pest problem before it escalates and starts to damage your hard-earned reputation.
Nesting birds can cause structural damage to roofs and chimneys, as well as causing damage to vehicles, fascias and machinery with their acidic droppings. They leave behind a huge amount of detritus such as feathers and twigs, which can be disastrous for ventilation systems. Insect and rodents eat away at building materials, with tell-tale holes appearing in walls and woodwork.

Nobody wants to work in an environment where there are pests, or for a business that doesn’t take pest control seriously. From insect bites to noisy birds, a pest problem can disrupt day-to-day working life and be a cause of stress and resentment for staff. If you manage a public building, you also have a duty of care to provide a pleasant and pest-free environment for your visitors.

We deal with a variety of pests, humanely and efficiently

We are not called Project Multi Pest for nothing! We employ a range of environmentally safe and cruelty-free methods to remove and control many types of pests.

Pest birds

Pigeons and gulls are a ubiquitous sight in our skies in Kent and London. If they choose to roost in your property, they can cause structural damage and, in the case of seagulls, pose a risk of aggressive behaviour. Our preferred method of removal is through the use of falconry. Our birds will circle the area around your property, giving pest birds the message that it’s time to move on. For more information on our methods, see our bird control in London service.


Mice and rats can cause a lot of upset when they invade your property, and are perhaps one of the most feared pests in Kent and London. We do not advocate the use of poison to kill rodents as it causes undue suffering to the creatures, which is against our ethics. Instead, we employ two impeccably trained dogs to hunt them, then quickly and cleanly dispose of them. This method has been trusted for centuries and causes the least amount of trauma and suffering to the rodents. For more information, see our rat control service.


PMP can help to rid your commercial property of fleas, cockroaches, moths, wasps, bees, flies, silverfish and moths. We do not use harmful pesticides, all of our methods are natural and environmentally friendly.


Rabbits and moles can cause mayhem on sports grounds and golf courses. Their burrowing causes trip hazards and can lead to subsidence. We employ the most humane method of removal, using ferrets to root them out and dispose of them, and then we fill the burrows. We are experienced in a range of wildlife management techniques including trapping, shooting and proofing. Along with rabbits and moles, we are skilled in dealing with foxes, squirrels, wild boar and herd management for deer.


What do our commercial customers have to say?

We are proud of the pest control service we provide to our commercial customers across London and Kent.

Contact us for a commercial pest control solution tailored to you

At Project Multi Pest, we believe in delivering commercial pest control services that are tailored to your needs. Our pest control experts will conduct a thorough site visit before recommending control methods that will not only rid you of current unwanted guests, but deter them from coming back. Our service is discreet, professional and friendly and we aim to solve your commercial pest problem with the minimum disruption to your business.
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