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Crime Scene Cleaning London

Crime Scene Cleaning and Trauma Crime Scene Cleanup London

Crime scene cleaning is a needed service that many people are unaware of. As disturbing and unfortunate as crimes needing cleaning are, professional crime scene cleaners provide a valuable cleaning process once crime scene investigators clear an area.

In addition to the various traumas prompting the necessity of this service, a trauma scene must also be cleaned in a timely, urgent fashion to reduce possible health risks in the area.

Here at PMP, we take pride in assisting in these unpleasant and often gruesome circumstances and operate across London and Kent.

Our expert crime scene cleanup crews are fully accredited to handle potentially infectious materials within contaminated areas to return a crime scene back to normal with thorough cleaning, speed, compassion and efficiency.

Crime scene cleaning in london

Why is it important to use crime scene cleaning specialists?

A trauma scene is not something a property owner should ever concern themselves with.

In addition to the need for undisturbed areas to secure investigative purity for law enforcement, these areas almost always contain biological material that can be harmful to public health.

Typically a trauma scene is particularly gruesome and can cause psychological trauma to others not trained to handle seeing such occurrences.

Bodily fluids can contain blood-borne pathogens, even if said materials came from otherwise healthy individuals-either victim or perpetrator.

Something like a dead human body begins to rapidly deteriorate, and dealing with this certainty can be dangerous in terms of exposure to bodily fluids without proper personal protective equipment and designated disposal areas.

Furthermore, you can easily find yourself exposed to dangers such as hepatitis b and other potential hazards from the contamination.

These situations can also be dangers in terms of the breathing in of potentially deadly pathogens that can seep from biowaste into the surrounding air.

This is why at PMP we use proper respiratory masks to avoid breathing in these dangers while we go about restoring the area back to normal with rapid speed.

How are we trained as crime scene specialists - what are the requirements?

All of our training fully complies with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations Act of 2002.

What many people may fail to realise is that crime scenes such as a murder or any violent act that causes bloodshed is not just contained to the immediate surface level.

Crime scene cleanup involves the thorough cleaning and sanitation of floorboards, walls, and any other penetrable surfaces by which body fluids can penetrate.

If the trauma did not occur on something like a council property or public place, it is the responsibility of the property owner to have the scene cleaned. Neither police nor emergency services handle this matter, which is where we come in!

Our team has both the knowledge and training to address these unpleasant cleaning services with respect, discretion, safety, and professional, reliable know how.

Our cleanup team has received education in PPE protocols, blood-borne pathogen and respiratory protection knowledge, medical waste handling and transport, as well as extensive knowledge regarding hazardous materials and proper handling and disposal.

What services for crime scene clean up do PMP offer?

Our team uses specialised equipment tailored specifically to trauma scene cleaning. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Proper waste receptacles
  • Industrial grade disinfectants, sanitisers, and deodorisers for cleaning blood and other pathogens
  • Special solvents to kill bacteria and release dried blood
  • A full range of cleaning supplies for the job
  • A full range of odour removing tools
  • No-touch clean up systems to prevent contaminating evidence, and the ability for cleaning materials and hazards from a safe distance

When something like a suicide or unattended death incidents occur, it can often take a while before the body is discovered. Our company and professional cleanup team are also thoroughly trained with tools to clean all traces of biological waste that can accumulate in these sad and unfortunate circumstances.

What preparations need to be made for a crime scene clean up?

For this type of service, the only thing we would need you to do is to ensure your house, business, or site is easily accessible leading to the cleanup site.

Never ever touch anything as this can contaminate legal evidence, and we cannot begin work until we receive the all clear by the national crime agency that they have completed the investigation of the site.

We do not want you to deal with this safety issue at all because the removal of blood, decaying matter, or hazardous waste can potentially make you ill.

If you are a company that runs a rental, we can also assist these businesses with removing any large items or furniture that may be blocking the area that requires cleaning.

In short, we want to make this experience as easy and stress free as possible for you to minimise your proximity to blood or other dangers.

Types of crime scene cleaning services we offer (suicide, unattended death, murder, domestic abuse)

  • Suicide. As hard as it is to accept with the preciousness of life, suicides are a daily occurrence both in the UK and around the world, and many times, those that take their lives give no noticeable sign that they are contemplating such an act. This cleaning job is tough, no matter if you are a hazard cleaning business or not, and we pride ourselves on thoroughly cleaning the area with the utmost of respect and dignity for those involved.
  • Unattended death. An unattended death is a situation that arises when a person passes away and their corpse is not discovered for quite some time. Typically long after the rapid decomposition process begins. If this has happened, immediate removal of the corpse is only one major cleaning initiative that must take place. A corpse long decaying releases a build-up of fluids in addition to blood, gases, and decaying flesh that is a very dangerous health hazard just by breathing in the fumes. We are equipped to extensively and thoroughly clean and sanitise the immediate area surrounding the corpse.
  • Murder. More often than not, a murder scene involves a great deal of blood and mess.
  • Domestic abuse. No family in this world is perfect, and unfortunately, we have provided services to many clients that have undergone domestic abuse. If a family has small children in the home, this can be equally as traumatising to them as to the victim. We can thoroughly clean and sanitise the area as well as provide any debris removal needed if there was damage to the home or business.

FAQs for crime scene cleaners

As mentioned, companies, homeowners, or individuals are responsible for cleaning these scenes.

This is not something anybody should have to endure unless they have experience and know how, and have met the requirements that allow successful cleaning and disposal of this kind of waste.

Not even companies that handle minimal waste are equipped with the skills and tools to handle these jobs.

Every situation is different and in order to retain remarkable standards, a high-quality cleaning company will avoid offering definite time frames on how long a crime scene clean will take.

Once we have a better idea of exactly how to address the situation - adequately, thoroughly, and extensively - and what additional services are needed (if any), we can offer a more accurate estimate on how long it will take.

Generally speaking, our team can perform an entire satisfactory clean within a day.

Whilst it is possible to carry out the cleaning yourself, it is not recommended.

With certain cleaning conditions often needing to be met before you repopulate a crime or trauma incident, it is much better to leave it to the professionals.

At PMP, our professional crime incident cleaners will take out all of the stress and anxiety of this procedure so all you need to do is handle the recuperation in order to move on from this type of traumatic exposure.

We have experience servicing countless trauma cleanings in this grisly field and know what to look out for whilst carrying out the clean. In fact, we have dedicated checklists for exactly this reason.

Why choose PMP?

At PMP, we have worked for years through our pest control services to offer the most affordable rates in conjunction with highly effective service procedures to give our customers a pest-free home.

We now want to extend our overall service platform to focus on the equally bothersome inconveniences and resultant traumas that can come with crime scene cleaning across the London area.

We believe that there is no job too grisly or messy that we cannot handle. We are always available to discuss your needs in detail and offer a firm commitment to helping you return your dwelling to the original state it was in before this unfortunate circumstance occurred.

You can contact us by phone at 0800 1933351, email us at or you can contact us by filling out our online contact form.

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