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Falconry for Bird Control

Imagine the serenity of your property free from the incessant cawing of pest birds. These feathered intruders can cause numerous problems to homes and businesses, defacing buildings, posing health hazards and shattering your peace.

With the growing number of nuisance birds on the rise in urban areas, discover how our falconry bird control service can provide a swift resolution.

What is falconry bird control?

Falconry is a natural type of bird control used to clear nuisance bird populations out of areas where they are not wanted. It involves using fully trained hawks and falcons to circulate infested areas regularly, triggering the fear response in nuisance birds.

At Project Multi Pest, we believe any form of pest control should be done humanely and ethically, which is why we provide a natural method for pest bird control.

Speak to an expert today to learn how our falconry bird control services can keep pest birds away for good.

How does falconry keep pest birds away?

Falconry is a very smart method to ensure pest birds stay away from unwanted areas and works by harnessing the threat response in other birds.

Since hawks and falcons are natural predator species, their presence is enough to startle and scare away pest birds. When used over a prolonged period, the unwanted birds soon realise the area is occupied and will take flight in search of a new nesting place.

How long does falconry take?

For an effective and permanent solution to your bird infestation, it is essential to implement falconry as a fixed-term contract. Falconry is the most effective and natural form of pest bird control used to gradually reduce the population of feral pigeons and other problematic bird species.

Our falconry bird control service provides a 2-year strategy to rid the infested areas of problematic birds for immediate and future effect.

Our falconry bird control service

At Project Multi Pest, we offer a full suite of swift and versatile services to help you chase pest birds out of areas where they are not wanted.

It is wise to want to protect your home or business from pest birds like seagulls and pigeons, and prey pest control is the most bird-friendly way to do it. Our pest bird control services are about being effective, humane and safe for everyone involved – feathered friends and pets included.

Seagull control

We’ve all been there, enjoying a nice sunny day at the beach, when a flock of seagulls bring it to an abrupt end. Seagulls are famous for swooping in and catching holidaymakers off-guard in vicious attempts to steal food. While we may feel frustrated in the moment and laugh about the matter at a later date, cases of injury are on the rise, and seagulls can become especially aggressive during the breeding season.

It’s not just the aggression and inconvenience you should be concerned about. Seagulls can also cause a lot of damage and disruption. If you suspect your property or business has become home to large numbers of seagulls, then you will benefit from our seagull pest control services.

Pigeon control

Pigeons were once helpful messengers but have since become notorious urban pests, causing property damage and sanitation issues. They live in large flocks and reproduce all year round, so getting rid of a pigeon infestation can prove tricky.

Pigeons will happily find places to nest in roofs, gutters, balconies or crevices of older buildings. Keep an eye out for signs of infestation, and if you do begin to notice an influx of pesky pigeons, please don’t ignore it. These nuisance birds have been known to cause thousands of pounds of damage to residential buildings and commercial properties.

If you are worried about feral pigeons in your area, fear not, as Project Multi Pest are here to support you. Our plan of action for speedy and successful pigeon control is through the use of falconry. It is a highly effective and humane solution to many pigeon problems, causing no harm.

Meet our Falcon and Harris Hawk Birds of Prey

Author picture

Trevor is a tri-bred falcon, so he's half Peregrine, quarter Gyrfalcon and quarter Saker falcon. Trevor is a lively bird, who enjoys scaring off seagulls and pigeons.

Author picture

Bobby is a male Harris Hawk. He's 4 years old, and loves chasing pigeons. Like many of us, he gets grumpy when we wake him up in the morning.

Why would you use birds of prey for pest control?

If you are looking for a natural and ethical pest control solution to solve nuisance bird issues, then enlisting the help of an experienced bird of prey will certainly do the trick.

Using birds of prey is an extremely effective form of pest control, offering many benefits, including:

  • Faster and more efficient clearing of large sites
  • Safer bird control for listed buildings
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Long-lasting results

Contact Project Multi Pest today for better bird control

Restore peace and tranquillity in your home or business with the help of our falconry for bird control services.

At Project Multi Pest, we understand that while birds can be fascinating creatures, they can also cause problems when they infest certain areas, and something must be done. We believe that any form of pest control should be done humanely and ethically, which is why we use the falconry method for safe bird control. We offer a highly professional falconry bird control service in London and Kent.

If you struggle to concentrate at work, are concerned about health and safety, or simply want to preserve your property, contact Project Multi Pest today for fast and effective bird control.

We also offer practical bird-proofing techniques such as pigeon nettingpigeon spikes and solar panel bird-proofing to deter pest birds for now and in the future.

Frequently asked questions about falconry bird control

If you are looking for better bird control in your area and want more information, please look at some of our FAQs below.

How much does falconry bird control cost?

Our falconry bird control service comes with a 2-year contract, during which we will visit twice a week, providing a high-quality service for £165 per visit. Our approach is structured to ensure effective and lasting bird control, focused on permanently reducing the infestation of pest birds. We can also tailor our approach to suit your specific needs.

How much coverage do the birds of prey cover?

Our birds of prey are trained to cover large urban areas where pest problems are at their worst. In and around London, you will tend to find birds of prey pest control services are most needed in commercial areas where the problem birds are attracted to food and shelter. Falconry hotspots include Camden Market, local car parks and blocks of flats, where bird problems are at their highest.

Bird Control in London

Contact Project Multi Pest

If you have fallen victim to a pigeon or seagull invasion, call us at Project Multi Pest today to find out more about our specialist bird control methods, including falconry and bird proofing. We provide professional pest control services throughout Kent and Greater London and we are at your service 24/7. We also have a 10/10 rating on Checkatrade.
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