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Fox Control Services

Fox Removal in London and Kent

Foxes are becoming an increasingly common site in city gardens and suburbs, as well as in the countryside. Problems can range from setting up home under sheds, to destroying and fouling lawns and spreading disease, through to attacking livestock. Mange can be transferred from foxes to dogs.

All of our technicians are fully trained dog handlers, and certified in pest control by the National Pest Technicians Association. If you have a problem with pest foxes on your property then contact us.

fox removal and control in London

Fox control methods used by other pest control companies

It is illegal to poison or gas foxes in the UK, so most pest control companies will capture the fox to dispose of it elsewhere. This may involve keeping the fox in a small metal cage for up to 24 hours, and, sometimes, killing the fox once it is out of sight.

We offer an alternative method for removing foxes:

Project Multi Pest offers an alternative method. Our dogs will chase and scare away any foxes living in your garden or field, and we will fill in the fox holes to discourage them from returning. We usually find that one visit from our dogs is all it takes to rid you of unwelcome foxes.

pest fox control in London and Kent

24 hour fox control services in London and Kent

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