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Pest Awareness Training Courses

Project Multi Pest in London & Kent

Simply put, pests are bad for business. Insects, rodents and birds can cause costly damage to both your property and reputation and in the case of food safety, they pose a serious health risk. However, sometimes pest problems go unnoticed simply due to a lack of awareness.

As with most hazards, early detection is essential in containing the problem and limiting the damage. You should always deal with a pest problem without delay, which is why it is important that your staff are trained in pest awareness.

Project Multi Pest offers pest awareness training courses in London and Kent for staff at every level, tailored to the needs of your business. We can train your staff to help prevent an infestation from getting out of hand and costing your business serious money.

Pest control training courses tailored to your business

A pest infestation is no reflection on you as a business owner, pests can find their way into the most spotless of premises. However, you do have a responsibility to your staff and customers to respond quickly and eliminate the problem. That is where our pest awareness training courses can help.

Your staff are on the front line of your operation and are therefore best placed to raise the alarm if unwanted guests such as insects, rodents or nuisance birds target your property. PMP can devise tailored courses for your staff, to train them in pest awareness and what they should do if they spot the signs of an infestation.

We have experience of training staff in all kinds of industries, such as food manufacturing, retail and hospitality. We understand the particular threats that pests pose in each type of business, and can develop a bespoke course to suit you.

pest control training courses in London

Pest awareness training and food safety

There are few things more hazardous to food safety than a pest problem. Food manufacturers, distributors, retailers and restaurants, therefore, have a particular duty of care to protect their business from infestations.

Left undetected, pests such as insects and rodents can multiply at an alarming rate. Their droppings and the debris they leave behind carry diseases that can very easily contaminate food and water supplies, causing a serious public health risk.

Many food businesses find themselves facing ruin due to pest infestations, but armed with the right knowledge, this can easily be prevented. Our pest awareness training courses can help warehouse, kitchen and shop-floor staff to recognise the signs of a potential infestation and alert you as necessary. This will allow you to take fast action to protect your business and prevent a potential health hazard.

Training courses in London to improve your pest management and save you money

Where pest management is concerned, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Having your own crack team of pest detectives on site can be a wise financial investment. The cost of training courses will easily be recouped if a pest infestation is spotted early, saving you from costly damage to your property and interruption to trading.

Pest awareness training can help you to be proactive, by deterring pests from returning to the scene of the crime. By training your staff to have attention to detail, it will highlight problem areas where preventative measures can be put in place. This will undoubtedly save you money and worry in the long run.

We make pest awareness training easy and accessible

Our friendly team of pest control technicians can come to you, to ensure minimum disruption to the working day. We understand that pests are not everybody’s favourite subject, and we take care to make pest awareness accessible and engaging for staff at every level.

At the end of the day, who wants to work somewhere infested with insects or rats? We are good at encouraging staff to take responsibility for their own working environment, and showing how it is in their best interests to help protect the business from pest problems.

Contact us to talk about pest awareness training

We would welcome the chance to talk to you about your pest control training requirements, and discuss how we can tailor a pest awareness course to suit your business.

Call Project Multi Pest today to find out more about how we can empower you and your team to prevent pest problems, protect your business and save you money.

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