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Pest Control Contracts London

A pest control maintenance contract with us can offer full and continued eradication of pests with efficiency, discreet regular visits, and thorough pest prevention techniques.

The transmission of pests throughout commercial properties is an unfortunate fact that does not always align with the cleanliness of a property. Invasive pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs, and rodents are adept at finding entry points into properties, and this can damage the reputation of an establishment. For restaurants, hotels, and offices, pest control contracts can go a long way in ensuring this doesn’t happen.

A pest control maintenance contract with us can offer full and continued eradication of pests with efficiency, discreet regular visits, and thorough pest prevention techniques. We offer a variety of pest control contracts to serve properties large and small with comprehensive and quick customer service and satisfaction.

Whether you need pest control contracts London or across the Kent region, our team is professionally managed and trained to effectively handle the situation when a pest control emergency occurs.

Commercial pest control goes beyond simple insect control; rodent control, pest proofing, maintaining safety regulations, and even controlling nuisance birds are just some of the pest problems and concerns to keep in mind for London businesses.

At Project Multi Pest, we like to tailor our pest control contracts to both remove and prevent pests far beyond one-off treatments. Our pest control services remove the existing pest issue and address needed monitoring to ensure your business remains pest-free and protected.

When you call us, and after a free survey and advice, our team of technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the premises. We can then implement a thorough pest removal process, offer advice to staff on how best to prevent the target pests, and discuss the benefits of London pest control contracts. We also offer pest control contracts to the home counties in the surrounding area, as well as domestic and residential emergency call-outs.

What businesses need a pest control contract?

A pest control contract covering London or Kent businesses can be utilised by any business type, but a business in the hospitality, food, lodging, or entertainment sectors is highly recommended.

Pest populations tend to congregate and breed in enclosed spaces that provide shelter, food, and moisture, which all of these business settings provide. Nuisance birds can be a problem on the roofs of homes or commercial properties, as well as rodents.

Some of the business models we work with include:

Restaurants and Food Service

Cockroaches, flies, and rodents are some of the most common pests that infest food service properties.

Hotels and Lodging

Bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, clothing, and carpet moths, and more are known pests in lodging properties.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities can experience a wide range of pest infestations due to the amount of food remnants and open spaces that can be found here.


Cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, and flies.

Entertainment Venues and Attractions

Several outdoor pests, as well as interior pests, are known to annoy customers at attractions, landmarks, and outdoor venues.

Comprehensive Bird Control Contracts London and Kent

Our pest control services also include pest remedies for nuisance birds like pigeons and seagulls. We use a range of natural methods to remove and prevent these birds from damaging your property’s structure and driving away customers.

Pest control contract example

A pest control contract is a discussed service plan between our company and the client in need of pest control. This typically involves a full inspection, eradication of the existing problem, and continued service calls and preventative measures to ensure the pest problem does not reoccur.

A pest contract can be monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual and typically has a negotiated and agreed-upon rate for the services conducted.

Services PMP offer with a pest control contract

At PMP, we like to consider ourselves a leading provider of effective, professional, and comprehensive pest control service that eradicates the problem and keeps the pests away.

A contract with us always begins with a thorough on-site inspection, which allows our technicians to fully and adequately diagnose the problem.

We will then create a plan for the premises that is designed with the behavioural and reproductive nature of the problem pest in mind.

After the issues are remedied, we will then offer advice to staff on how to control and prevent re-infestations. We will also discuss a preventative plan that includes additional and discreet inspections, service if needed, and preventative measures to ensure the problem does not return.

Pests are highly durable and always prioritise survival; therefore, it is important to continue monitoring the issues to ensure they stay gone.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any business, pest control is one of the most important investments to commit to. Pests can destroy the reputation of a business incredibly quickly. For food and lodging properties, the presence of pests will rightly turn customers away and they will stay away. This is why it is crucial to have a strong and effective pest control contract that removes the problem and keeps it away for good.

While there is no specific or mandatory license requirement for pest control in the UK, technicians must be certified in order to administer powerful chemicals used in specific pest situations.

At PMP, all of our technicians are certified by the National Pest Technicians Association, one of the largest members of the Pest Control Industry Associations. We take our work very seriously and always prioritise safety.

Why choose PMP?

At Project Multi Pest, we believe in delivering commercial pest control services that are tailored to your needs. Our pest control experts will conduct a thorough site visit before recommending control methods that will not only rid you of current unwanted guests but deter them from coming back.

Our technicians provide service that is discreet, professional, and friendly and we aim to solve your commercial pest problem with the minimum disruption to your business.

If you need thorough pest control service for your business in the London, Kent, and surrounding areas, call us today at 0800 1933351, or email us using our contact form and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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