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Pigeon Dropping Removal in London

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If the problems caused by pigeons aren’t enough on their own, there are also the even more concerning issues that come with pigeon droppings. Pigeon guano and bird droppings are a common concern around London as this waste can stain structures and spread potentially dangerous diseases and pathogens around the capital. Thankfully, there are pigeon-dropping removal services in London that can thoroughly address this problem.

Pigeon dropping removal and bird control services in London are essential to maintain clean and sanitary conditions throughout the city. Professional services will safely remove the pigeon droppings and use powerful cleaners and disinfectants to scrub and sanitise the residue and stains for complete removal.

Are you currently in need of professional cleaning and removal services for pigeon droppings? If so, we will provide all the details there is to know about bird droppings and the risks associated with this problem. We will outline the health hazards associated with bird droppings, the best procedures for removing the droppings, nesting material and sanitising the area, and more. Read on to discover how PMP can help with this problem.

pigeon guano clearance in london

Specialising in Pigeon Dropping/Guano Removal and Cleaning in London

Pigeon droppings are commonly referred to as guano, which is a term that describes both the droppings and the associated pathogens and fungal spores that grow on the droppings.

Bird guano removal and guano cleaning can address the accumulation of this waste with specialised equipment and safety gear to limit the spread of the bird guano through the atmosphere and sanitise the area.

Also, it can be very difficult to clean these droppings, especially if the waste has dried into the surface of a structure and caused staining to occur.

Let’s take a closer look at bird droppings the problems associated with this unpleasant waste on surfaces.

What Are the Health Hazards Associated With Bird Droppings and Bird Guano?

In addition to staining structures and causing a smelly mess, pigeon droppings carry diseases including salmonella and tuberculosis. While the risk of disease is low, and there is a great deal of hype that is built around the health risks of droppings, the build-up of droppings, feathers, and other detritus is a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria, inviting rot and decay.

If droppings accumulate near food supplies such as in a restaurant, warehouse or commercial premises, it can cause contamination. Besides the enormous health risk, this poses, it also results in costly waste and potential closure for the business owner.

Bird guano can also travel through the air via fungal spores that are stirred into the atmosphere by wind. Pigeon guano in particular regularly finds its way into apartments, lofts, or even bedrooms and kitchens through tiny particles that can aggravate asthma or respiratory issues and possibly cause infections that lead to illness.

It can also be quite difficult to clean dried pigeon guano and this is not recommended if you do not have the proper safety gear to perform the task.

This is why professional cleaning services are the best decision to consider for this task.

Are Pigeon Droppings Part of Pest Control Services?

Pest control services are the best specialists to contact for this problem. Here at PMP, we spread out pest control focus to address all of the different issues that can be caused by pests apart from just infestations.

We understand that bird removal is only one common problem that nuisance birds bring when they nest on or near homes and businesses. We offer the removal and cleaning of droppings and guano since this issue usually comes with nuisance birds as part of the package.

Bird control and proofing should always be part of pest control in a city such as London, which is why we also provide the removal and cleaning of pigeon droppings as part of our pest control services.

How Are Bird Droppings and Pigeon Guano Cleaned?

A pest control service typically uses a combination of powerful cleaners and jet pressure washing to lift the dried guano and help remove any stains.

The cleaners should be strong enough to kill germs and pathogens on contact but not too powerful as to degrade and strip paint or surface coatings and colors of a structure.

The pressurised water and cleaning solution should also be powerful enough to strip the waste and any stains but also not too intense as to chip away at the foundation of the structure.

Most importantly, the actual droppings and collected guano should be removed and disposed of with secure and sanitary receptacles and procedures.

Bird droppings and stains are usually white in colour and highly visible even from far distances. Any cleaning procedure that is used needs to be able to strip away all of this staining and return the structure as close to its original appearance as possible in addition to overall sanitation.

Frequently asked questions about Pigeon & Bird Poo Clearance

The guano can be removed by simply disposing of it in a sealed trash bag but you will likely struggle a bit when it comes to ensuring that the area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised and any stains are completely lifted. Thick, rubber gloves should always be worn when removing and cleaning the taste and it helps to wear a respirator mask as well.Any cleaner used on the area should be powerful enough to kill germs and an industrial mop scrubber can be used to work the cleaner into the areas. You may need to scrub the areas a few times to thoroughly clean the area and lift any stains.

Getting rid of pigeons in London is primarily a two-part process: the removal of the pigeons and preventative procedures to ensure the birds do not return to the area. You will also need to make sure you are in compliance with any wildlife laws and regulations concerning pigeons. Our falconry service is a humane and effective method for safely removing the birds from your home or business. We can also install a range of techniques to keep birds from nesting in the area again through procedures such as the placement of bird spikes and pigeon netting.

Because pigeon droppings contain pathogens or inhalants that can aggravate people with respiratory issues, specifically a fungal respiratory antagonist known as cryptococcus, the droppings are certainly quite hazardous to some individuals. Any removal and cleaning procedures for these droppings should be conducted in ways to ensure the fungal spores are not stirred up into the atmosphere, which is why hiring a pest control service that specialises in droppings removal and cleaning is the best course of action to consider. The droppings also contain other types of pathogens that can cause illness and lead to further hazards for certain people.

Why Choose PMP?

As with most problems, when it comes to bird droppings, prevention is essential to avoid future or nearby infestations that can cause the spread of bird guano. We can help to protect you and your property from nesting or visiting birds, with a variety of tried and trusted methods.

Contact us today to discuss the best guano removal and cleaning services for your building or home. Our friendly and professional bird control team regularly handles bird droppings removal and covers the London and Kent area.

We will be glad to offer advice on the best way to approach guano cleaning and ways to keep your property bird-free.

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