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Silverfish Pest Control London & Kent

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Silverfish control experts

Silverfish do not pose much of a threat to humans, but they will gladly chew their way through your clothes and family album. Left untreated, they can cause expensive damage in the home and on commercial premises. When you spot the signs of silverfish, it is wise to employ the services of a pest controller, such as Project Multi Pest.

We are silverfish control experts and we can rid your house or business of them for good. Our professional pest controllers are skilled at silverfish removal and use a number of techniques to ensure every last one is gone. We operate throughout Kent and London, so call us today for a quote and put an end to your silverfish problem.

Silverfish at home

Silverfish are very common within the home, although they are not as easy to spot as other pests, due to their nocturnal habits. They do not bite and are do not carry disease, but that does not make them attractive house guests. Silverfish are carb and sugar lovers, a rich source of which can be found on textiles. Their diet is likely to include your soft furnishings, clothes, books, newspapers and even your leather sofa. They also enjoy wallpaper paste and plaster, so in extreme cases, damage can be structural as well as cosmetic. It is best to have them treated by a professional exterminator, before the problem gets out of control.

Silverfish in business premises

Silverfish infestations in commercial premises can reflect badly on the company, especially in hospitality venues, or where food is prepared, served or stored. As with any pest infestation, there is the risk of contamination and it can seriously affect hygiene standards. For customers, the sight of silverfish wiggling their way across a hotel bathroom or restaurant loo can be extremely off putting, which will hardly result in glowing reviews. To protect your business it is essential to get rid of silverfish at the first sign, by employing a pest control expert.

How to spot the signs of a Silverfish infestation

Silverfish are elusive little pests, mostly emerging at night-time making them difficult to spot. Although small they are visible to the human eye, measuring up to 2cm. They are aptly named and can be identified by their silvery-blue scales and distinctive side-to-side movement.

They are not particularly fussy eaters, but their preference is for starchy, sweet substances. Although they make holes in fabric, it’s what’s on the fabric rather than what’s in it that attracts them, for example sticky spillages. It’s a skin-crawling thought, but they also feast upon dead skin cells and hair which can attach themselves to nearly any surface in the home.

Silverfish favour warm, damp, dark environments which is why they are often found in bathrooms and kitchens. They can really motor along, so even if you do spot one it can be gone in a flash. You may think that spotting one or two of them is not a big issue, but they breed alarmingly fast, laying up to 20 eggs a day. The eggs are tiny and almost impossible to spot, so the problem could be bigger than you think.

Here are some tell-tale signs of a silverfish infestation, which if spotted means it’s time to take action.

  • Shed skin – Silverfish shed their skin throughout their lifecycle, so look out for small flashes of silver on your floors and carpets.
  • Stains – Silverfish can leave nasty yellow stains in their wake, on floors and on fabrics.
  • Holes – Be on the lookout for small holes in fabrics such as clothes and cushion covers, and also paper items like books and magazines.
  • Wall damage – Silverfish will even eat wallpaper paste so look out for damage to walls and plaster surfaces.

When you suspect silverfish are inside your property, it is best to act fast before they cause permanent damage. It’s advisable to employ the services of a pest controller to be sure to exterminate them thoroughly and permanently.

Pest control in London and Kent to get rid of Silverfish

The nocturnal habits of silverfish make them difficult to spot, let alone treat, which is why most home and business owners hire a professional silverfish control expert to get rid of them.

It is tempting to try and treat silverfish yourself, but it is rarely effective as domestic products will not kill them at all stages of their life cycle. From egg to adult can take around three months, so you may think that the problem has come back, although chances are it never went away.

Project Multi Pest can help you to eliminate silverfish for good. We are experienced in tracking down the source of infestations for the best chance of removal. We have professional insecticides at our disposal that specifically target this type of insect which, while deadly to silverfish, are completely safe for humans and pets.

Frequently asked questions

What do silverfish look like?

Silverfish can be identified by their distinctive silvery blue scales and side-to-side movement – think fish. They are about 2cm long, have long antennae and are wingless. They are mostly nocturnal and move quickly, making them very hard to spot.

what do silverfish look like

How can I prevent silverfish?

There are measures you can take to reduce the risk of a silverfish infestation or at least reduce the amount of damage they can do.

  • Eliminate damp – Silverfish favour a dark, moist habitat, so avoiding damp in your property can help. Be sure to ventilate bathrooms to keep them as moisture free as possible. If they are a persistent problem, you could invest in a dehumidifier.
  • Reduce the amount of paper you store – Avoid accumulating too much paper such as magazines, as they are attractive fodder for silverfish. If you do have a collection, be sure to store it away from fabrics such as clothes, ideally in containers.
  • Seal cracks – Silverfish can get through the tiniest of crevices, so seal any external cracks you find around the house.
  • Cleaning – Regular vacuuming and cleaning help to eliminate dead skin cells and hair, which are also an attractive food source.
  • Store clothes safely – If you have clothes or soft furnishings in storage, keep them in containers.
  • Reduce clutter – Silverfish are flattish and love to burrow away in small, dark places, so the fewer places you give them to hide, the better.

Silverfish control in London and Kent areas

Project Multi Pest promise a professional and swift service to rid your house or business of a silverfish infestation. Our methods are safe and highly effective, and we work hard to cause as little disruption as possible.

We understand how upsetting it is to have a pest infestation in your house or at work, so you can be sure of a sympathetic and friendly service from our reliable team of pest control experts.

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