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Unattended Death Cleaning Services London

Death is not an easy fact of life for anybody, but discovering an unattended death is particularly traumatic. The pain and shock of discovering a loved one or friend long after their death is quite an emotional experience.

This is why unattended death cleanup and after death cleaning services are important.

Unattended death cleanup is specialist cleaning services conducted in a professional manner that thoroughly cleans and sanitises areas of an unattended death. These services are conducted by fully trained professionals certified in biohazard cleaning.

At PMP, our unattended death and crime scene cleanup professionals are highly trained in trauma cleaning. Rest assured that our team will exercise extreme caution to ensure health and safety measures are followed within the home.

What is an unattended death?

When a person is left unattended and passes away for whatever reason, this is known as an unattended death. Due to the non attendance and the decomposition of the human body, blood and body fluids can accumulate, which results in the need for an unattended death cleanup.

In nearly all unattended deaths, exactly what distinguishes this occurrence is the passage of days, which can, in some circumstances, be up to several months between the expiration and the discovery of the decomposing body.

Sadly, many of these incidences occur with the elderly who were living alone and did not have immediate family members or close friends. It is a grim scenario to imagine, but something that happens all too often.

Unattended deaths can occur from practically any type of scenario outside of this example. A body could be discovered that resulted from a crime, which would necessitate a crime scene cleanup, in addition to any circumstances where a rapidly decomposing body is discovered. But discoveries in homes and rental properties form the bulk of this type of clean-up service.

You may also be wondering exactly how these specialised companies handle these types of cleaning services? Let’s take a closer look at the cleanup process for unattended deaths.

What does an unattended death cleaning service do?

This service is nearly identical to crime scene cleanup or trauma scene cleanup. In fact, the actual service can be named based on the nature of the death cleanup in question, including suicide cleanup.

But unlike crime scene cleanup, those who clean up unattended deaths can typically complete the project much more quickly since thorough investigations are not always necessary.

This type of cleaning service comes at a precarious time for many, so professional decorum is displayed alongside intense and powerful cleaning and sanitation protocols.

Some of the types of cleaning offered are targeted at:

Unattended death cleanup explained

Similar to what is seen with crime scene cleaners, the biohazard cleaning process is largely the same. Cleaners wear personal protective equipment to clean bodily fluids, and organic matter, and to prevent cross-contamination.

Biohazard cleaning differs from regular deep cleaning in that a blood spill could potentially contain anything from hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, or other pathogens. The chemicals used in this process must be powerful enough to kill any potential pathogens or viruses.

Assurance that a wide range of health and safety protocols within the property are crucial to ensure pathogens cannot be spread to other rooms or through the atmosphere.
Once the body has been removed, specialist equipment is used to collect excess fluids, and removal of nearby items may also need to be disposed of to prevent contamination risk. The location of the body will be thoroughly cleaned with chemical products and sanitised with additional chemicals to ensure the site is sterilised.

Specialist equipment will also be used to remove foul odours from the site and the rest of the property if necessary.

Additional services such as steam cleaning, whole house cleaning, and sterilisation can also be performed if the circumstances call for it around the rest of the house.

In more complex situations, and certainly in long-term unattended deaths, fluids can often seep into the carpet and flooring below it. This is something that is best handled by a specialist cleaning services team with proper training.

The same bioremediation that crime scene cleaners use is performed throughout the entire process.
Since this service is not something that many people encounter often and requires proper safety procedures, it is crucial to allow a specialist team with proper training in bioremediation to handle this task.

The after-death cleaning service process we offer:

At PMP, we cover a range of bioremediation processes.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Our crime scene cleaners have professional training in cleaning a crime scene that prioritises both safety and thoroughness. This can contain and neutralise potent crime scene chemicals such as tear gas.

Crime scene cleaning can be completed upon clearance from law enforcement.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Since this grim situation may also trigger an end of tenancy, we can offer services to cover the entire breadth of this situation. If the unattended demise was brought on by a crime, natural causes, or a suicide, our specialist cleaners are on hand to address the problem.

House Clearances

Unattended deaths may also necessitate whole house clearances in extreme situations. Our business can fulfil a house clearance if you request it. We can thoroughly clean the site of the death and then branch out to remove as much or as little from the house as you want.
Whatever your cleaning needs may be, we can offer a free quote that covers an estimated range of the service required.

Do any preparations for unattended death cleaning need to be made?

For unattended deaths, it is always best to avoid the area as much as possible. Once the area has been cleared by proper law enforcement or emergency services, we can immediately get to work cleaning the scene.

It is also advisable to avoid the scene for your own health and safety. The possibility of breathing in pathogens or touching infected areas near the body is far too great without the proper respiratory tools.

It can also be a very grim and psychologically distressing scene to witness. So there are no preparations that need to be made beyond ensuring that there is easy access to the area once we enter the home.

This is not something you should have to worry about, and we want this to be as painless and as smooth a process as possible for our customers. Our employees receive training in how to work both thoroughly and as quickly as possible with this in mind.

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Biohazard Cleanup Frequently Asked Questions

Families are dealing with a lot in a situation like this, and that truly goes without saying. You can rest assured that your confidentiality will be 100% protected as we perform our services.

Our team is highly professional and is used to dealing with what can be an unbelievably upsetting circumstance for many. We ask as few questions as possible and perform our tasks with decorum and tact.

As mentioned, both of these services are similar and overlap a great deal. The services are called by different titles depending on the exact nature of the job.

Those responsible for cleaning a crime scene may do so with or without the crime resulting in a murder. The task could be as minimal as cleaning a trauma scene that has left behind a great deal of biohazardous waste.

Those cleaning unattended deaths do just that. The service is called such because the cleaning crew must return the site of the removed body to as normal and sanitary a condition as possible.

Areas We Serve

Why should you choose PMP for your biohazard crime scene cleaning services?

At PMP, our company strives to offer thorough cleaning services for unattended deaths with as minimal disruption as possible to you, your family, or surrounding tenants in multi-housing units.

We go beyond simply doing a good job. We want to ensure the scene is completely cleaned and sanitised in a professional manner. As a family member of the deceased, or as a friend, we want to offer exceptional cleaning services.

We have worked for years through our pest control services to offer the most affordable rates in conjunction with highly effective service procedures to give our customers a pest-free home.

We also extend our overall service platform across the London and Kent areas to focus on the equally bothersome inconveniences and resultant traumas, that can come with unattended deaths and the necessary associated cleaning.

We believe that there is no job too grisly or messy that we cannot handle. We are always available to discuss your needs in detail and offer a firm commitment to helping you return your dwelling to the original state it was in before this unfortunate circumstance occurred.

You can contact us by phone at 0800 1933351 or you can contact us by filling out our online contact form for more information.

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