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What Really Scares Birds Away?

what really scares birds away

Birds, with their remarkable intelligence, don’t often fall for the conventional methods used to scare them away. Finding an effective solution can be challenging when dealing with nuisance birds in your workplace or home. So, what can really scare birds away and keep them away for good?

There are various anti-bird products on the market and homemade deterrents that can effectively scare birds away. But for the best solutions, natural methods like falconry should be considered. Our team uses larger birds of prey to intimidate and scare away nuisance birds.

Since anti-bird products are only effective as a temporary solution, our article will explore how falconry bird control methods can scare away pigeons and seagulls and keep them away.

What are birds afraid of?

While birds are intelligent animals, they are sensitive and can be frightened easily. It is also important to understand that simply scaring birds away may not always be the most effective solution – you must ensure they won’t return to the nesting site. Generally speaking, birds hate strong smells, shiny objects, and predators, such as birds of prey and larger animals or humans.

Let’s take a look at some of the pest control methods that scare birds the most:

Predators for scaring birds

Using predators to scare birds away is the most effective pest control method since it taps into the pest birds’ natural fears of being in danger. While fake replicas of large predators can provide instant relief from your bird problem, the pesky creatures will likely get used to the inanimate object over time and return to the area.

Anti-bird spikes

Bird spikes can make effective bird deterrents when attached to roofs, window sills and guttering around your house or workplace. They are often made from metal and point upwards, making it difficult for birds to land. They are safe to use as birds simply won’t land on them, but while they can be highly effective, they are not the most aesthetically pleasing.

Scent repellents

You can use strong scents like pepper and essential oils to deter birds in the short term. However, you would need to spread these scents consistently across their nesting spots to get rid of the birds fully. Not only does this take time and effort and cost a lot of money, but it isn’t too pleasant for your sense of smell.

Bird netting

You may have seen households and flats with balconies test this one out. Bird netting is an effective deterrent as it prevents birds from landing in unwanted places. Many households use netting on their balconies to prevent bird droppings. While it is a smart solution, it isn’t the most attractive method to scare birds away and can cause harm if a bird gets stuck in the netting.

For the best results, natural predators are the most effective and safe method to scare birds away from unwanted areas. Our falconry service uses birds of prey to naturally incite the flight or fight response in smaller birds, freeing your desired area from disruption.

How to scare nuisance birds away

Whether you’re worried about your perfectly grown vegetable patch at home or disruptions in the workplace, there’s a robust method for all bird control situations. Using some of the temporary solutions above can help you scare birds away in the short term. However, lasting flock-proof methods involve finding the root cause of what attracts birds in the first place and then scaring them away for good.

At Project Multi Pest, we can be your eagle-eyed companion to help you track down the root cause of your bird problem and apply an effective bird control method. We have many years of experience as pest control and falconry specialists. We deliver fast and efficient results while ensuring a safe and natural process. If you are looking for better bird control in your area, then please get in touch today.

What attracts pest birds in the first place?

When looking to scare birds away, you’ll want to get to the root cause of what attracts them to your home or business in the first place. Most birds are attracted to places that offer nesting materials, shelter, safety and food sources that birds eat.

If your business or garden has any of these offerings, then you might have found the cause of your bird problem. Tree branches, hedges, commercial roofs and holes in older buildings are all viable places for bird nests.

So, once you have located the cause and potential nesting areas, you can start to look for an effective and permanent bird deterrent.

What Is the Best Bird Deterrent?

While home methods like reflective objects and loud noises might offer short-term relief, if you’re looking to really make an impact and keep these pest birds out of your area, turning to the proven method of falconry or using birds of prey offers a highly effective solution. It is a natural method that directly targets the instinct of fear and intimidation within other birds.

At Project Multi Pest, we use the power of falconry to scare birds away permanently. Our birds are trained to fly over and circle the problem area regularly. The pest birds will soon realise the territory is occupied and move on to avoid being confronted, or even killed, by the preditors.

Falconry is natural and humane, and it is the most effective way to rid your property or business of nuisance birds and prevent them from returning. You can have peace of mind that the birds will no longer wreak havoc on your crops or disturb you at work.

Why Are Birds Afraid of Shiny Objects?

It is not truly understood why birds are afraid of shiny objects. Most theories suggest that birds fear their own reflection and avoid landing on or near areas that contain a lot of shiny or reflective light.

The shine that bounces off aluminium, old CDs, and reflective tape prevents birds from landing nearby. However, of all the bird deterrents available, the use of shiny objects is probably least effective over long periods of time.

Falconry is a more effective method to consider since it doesn’t involve utilising something that birds dislike. Instead, the birds will be genuinely scared when larger birds of prey are in the area.

Does scaring birds deter them in the long run?

Scaring birds with some of the previously mentioned methods is an effective way of keeping birds out of areas where you really don’t want them, but it doesn’t often keep them away for good. Birds are intelligent creatures, and after a while, they will realise that the plastic owl you placed in your garden doesn’t move and will soon return. Other visual deterrents, repellent scents and scare methods have the same effect.

In order to really scare birds away in the long run, you need to make them feel genuinely threatened. Natural predator species like hawks and falcons are the best way to do this.

If you don’t have a pet hawk or falcon who can be of use, do not worry; the feathered team at Project Multi Pest are more than happy to swoop in.

Deter birds with effective bird control methods from Project Multi Pest

When it comes to effective pest control for bird problems, Project Multi Pest are bird experts, and we know exactly what deters nuisance birds away from your property or business.

Our trusted team of falcons, hawks and humans will work together to rid unwanted areas of pigeons, seagulls and any other disruptive birds. With the help of our larger birds circling the problem area, you’ll soon notice that you can work and live peacefully once again.

For further advice on how to scare birds away from your home or business and get a swift resolution, speak to one of our experts today!


Ultimately, if you want to scare away pest birds from your business or home and keep them away for good, then falconry is your best option. Shop-bought deterrents simply do not have the same effectiveness as we’ve seen with falconry.

If you would like to try falconry as an effective bird control method, do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss how we can free your property or business from nuisance birds quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions about scaring birds away

For more information on what really scares birds away, please take a look at some of our most interesting FAQs below:

Do Fake Owls Really Keep Birds Away?

Owls are large birds of prey that do well in scaring off pest birds, so replicating their intimidating appearance will have some impact. Strategically placing a well-crafted decoy owl in a problematic area can show immediate results. While seeing a fake owl will cause birds to avoid landing in the area, it doesn’t keep them away for long.

Do Wind Chimes Keep Pest Birds Away?

Sudden movements and loud noises are also effective ways to scare birds away initially. Wind chimes and similar products have been shown to deter birds from unwanted locations, but it may not be a feasible long-term solution.

The unexpected noise will be unpleasant to birds initially and may even cause them to fly away, but a wind chime is not that loud or intimidating. Therefore, the pest birds will simply become accustomed to the noise and return relatively quickly to the nesting site.

A wind chime is especially ineffective at deterring nuisance birds in a commercial area since they will already be used to the loud noise and movement from your business.

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