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Category: Bed Bugs

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How to find bed bug during the daytime
Bed Bugs

How to find bed bugs during the daytime

Anyone that has suffered a bed bug infestation knows it can be a living nightmare. As parasites, bed bugs feed on human blood and, while bed bug bites are not generally harmful, they can cause serious physical irritation and emotional distress. The added frustration is that because of their nocturnal habits, it is very hard to find

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what is bed bug heat treatment
Bed Bugs

What is Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs?

Pest control companies frequently advertise bed bug heat treatment as a form of pest control to kill bed bugs, but there are many misconceptions about what heat treatment equipment is used to get rid of bed bugs and if it works. The good news is that bed bug heat treatment has one of the highest

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how to prepare for bed bug heat treatment
Bed Bugs

How to Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Preparation for heat treatment for bed bugs is crucial to ensuring that the heat administered will reach all of the hiding bugs. Since bed bugs are skilled at hiding and avoiding detection, even the highly effective technique of using high heat temperatures to get rid of these insects can be difficult if there is too

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