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How To Keep Birds Away

how to keep pest birds away

Not everyone considers birds to be pests, as many of us enjoy hanging out feeders and filling up bird baths in order to encourage them to visit. But although these birds naturally forage on cereals and seeds, they have quickly adapted to scavenging on processed foods and discarded takeaways. This is why the overflowing bins that line the bustling streets of London and dot the shores around Kent’s idyllic coastal retreats, are proving so popular with pigeons and gulls.

How do you keep birds away? Pest birds are attracted to areas where food is abundant and there are plentiful places to perch. But if you own a house or property that is plagued with pigeons or gulls then you may want to keep pest birds away using spikes, nets, wires and falconry.

Afterall some birds can cause just as much damage to your property as an infestation of rats, bed bugs or fleas and can carry over 60 different types of disease! And, once they have found the perfecting nesting place, they will turn up every year to roost on your roof, blocking your gutters, defecating your solar panels, and eroding your building structure.

Learn more about the humane services that Project Multi Pest offer and how we can keep your property pest free.

What is the best bird deterrent?

Despite popular belief, pest birds are not afraid of people, and can adapt to our modern environment, making the most of any opportunities they find.

Able to quickly multiply in numbers, these feral birds are not only an eyesore but a health hazard too, creating mite infestations, slip hazards and an increase in business operating costs. The good news is that there are many physical measures that can be taken to prevent these pest birds alighting on our roof tops.

Most bird deterrent methods have their uses when used effectively and in the right circumstances, although some are more costly, whilst others can be complex to install.

Here we explain the different services we offer at Project Multi Pest and how we go about discouraging nuisance birds.

Bird Spikes

Anti-roosting spikes are considered to be humane as they do not harm pest birds but force them to flee elsewhere. Made from stainless steel or plastic they have rounded tips that make landing, perching, and roosting difficult.

Although they are more commonly seen on commercial properties, bird spikes can be installed on private houses too, as they are unobtrusive on the eye and have no upkeep to worry about.

Cost effective, efficient, and versatile, bird spikes make the perfect deterrent so long as they are correctly placed on each surface, be it a roof, window ledge, chimney or even signage. For this reason, we recommend using a professional pest control service.

›› Learn more about our bird spike services here.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is a discrete solution that places a physical barrier between the pest bird and its desired location. This enables you to block birds and other pests from entering areas where products, yields or property need to be protected.

Most bird control nets tend to be made from either polyethylene or polypropylene material as they need to be strong enough to survive all types of weather, stable enough to stay put in strong winds and be silent enough to be tolerated by those within earshot.

Like most pest deterrents, the overall effectiveness of your bird netting is dependent on the way in which it is affixed, and how well it is maintained for future use. In order to ensure that your bird netting last for many years to come, we would recommend calling in bird netting professionals to fix your bird netting for you.

›› Learn more about our bird netting services here.

Bird Netting for Solar Panels

Did you know that bird netting can also be placed on your solar panels in order to enhance their effectiveness and provide you with more energy to sell back to the grid?

Bird netting prevents pigeons from nesting, seeking solace from the weather and pursuing protection from potential predators. It is, however, really important that this special mesh is installed by a professional, such as Project Multi Pest, as it needs to be safely secured to prevent the pigeons from gaining access to the spaces below.

›› Learn more about bird netting for solar panels here.


In order to control nuisance birds, you often need to introduce the threat of a natural predator. Pigeons and gulls are notoriously difficult to deal with, but experience has shown that the regular presence of a falcon or hawk can reduce nesting activities and move pest birds on over time.

Whilst the use of spikes and preventative netting are all good options for keeping pest birds away, they are often not practical for use over large or difficult to access areas.

Birds of Prey not only have the ability to frighten smaller birds and deter them from returning for good, but they can take to the skies, soaring substantial distances.

At Project Multi Pest we believe that you need to work with nature in order to fight against it. If you are having problems with feral pigeons and gulls, then our birds of prey can ward them off by terrorising the area.

›› Learn more about our falconry here.

Can pest control get rid of birds?

Although DIY pest control methods may be inexpensive to purchase and may look easy to install, they can actually be time-consuming and complex to affix. And, if fitted incorrectly, they can actually do more harm than good.

A reputable pest control company will advise you of the best time of year to target pest birds and will fit and maintain any equipment, to ensure that it is effective for many years to come.

It is really important that this is done professionally, as loose, or tatty bird control nets and wires can result in birds breaking in or even getting tangled and hurt.

This is why employing a bird control expert, such as Project Multi Pest, to install your pest bird solutions, will not only save you money in the long run but provide you with valuable peace of mind.

Why choose PMP for your bird pest control

At Project Multi Pest we offer a highly professional and humane pest pigeon and gull control service, covering all areas of London and Kent. Using ethical bird proofing techniques, including falconry, we will make your pest bird problems a thing of the past.

At PMP, our beautiful birds of prey will make their presence known in order to encourage pest birds to move on. Even though our Falcon and Harris Hawk are at the top of the food chain, they have been trained to evoke a fright and flight reaction rather than attack and kill, for a more humane approach to pest bird control.

Lovingly reared since birth, and unfazed by noise and built-up areas, Trevor and Bobby are highly proficient in warding off pigeons and seagulls, who soon get the message that it’s time to move on.

It is important to us that we use the most effective, ethical methods and that we are compliant with the current regulations regarding pest bird control.  At Project Multi Pest we are pleased to offer a no-obligation assessment of your site and provide recommendations for the most appropriate and effective bird control programme.

If you are interested in knowing more, then please contact us by requesting a pest control quote.

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