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Pigeon Control in London & Kent

Pigeon Pest Control in London

When we picture a London scene, pigeons are just as much a part of the landscape as Big Ben and double decker buses. While they evoke a romantic image of our great city and delight tourists, for residents and business owners it can be a very different experience.

Feral pigeons have a well-earned reputation for being pests and carriers of disease, and they can cause expensive damage. They are persistent in their pursuit of a place to roost and can squeeze through the smallest cracks and crevices to make themselves at home. They make very undesirable house guests and can make home and business owners’ lives a misery.

When it comes to bird control, it is wise to seek the advice of a pest control professionals such as Project Multi Pest. We have years of experience in removing pigeons from both private and commercial properties, and can also offer pigeon proofing services to make sure they do not come back.

We are bird control experts and with our knowledge of pigeon behaviour, we can help rid you of them quickly and discreetly. Our services are completely humane and we pride ourselves on our preferred method of removal, using falconry.

Why you should act quickly to remove pigeons

Pigeons in London are far from just a nuisance, they can cause very expensive damage to property and are a potential health hazard, especially on commercial premises. It is wise to act quickly if you spot the signs of a pigeon infestation by employing a pest control expert such as Project Multi Pest.

  • Property damage: Pigeons can cause damage to roof tiles and their droppings are highly acidic causing the deterioration of building materials, machinery and cars.
  • Fire risk: Pigeon nests are highly flammable and create a fire risk if allowed to build up.
  • Health risk: Pigeon droppings carry diseases including salmonella which can cause contamination to food, water supplies and air conditioning units. The detritus they leave behind is a breeding ground for parasites.

It pays to be vigilant for telltale signs of pest birds, such as droppings and other detritus such as twigs and feathers. They also signal their presence with a telltale call, which is simply unmistakable when they are in large numbers.

If you think that you have a problem with pigeons, then you should seek the advice of a trusted pest control expert such as Project Multi Pest. Call us to find out more about our tried and tested pest control services, including specialist bird control in London.

pigeon control in london

Pigeon control London

When pigeons decide to nest in your property, they are far too close for comfort. It is natural to want to remove them swiftly and safely and prevent them from returning – but very few people wish to cause harm or unnecessary suffering. 

Fortunately, Project Multi Pest employs a number of humane and environmentally friendly bird control services to move pigeons on and give you one less thing to worry about.

Pigeon control using falconry

We are proud practitioners of a natural pest control method using falcons, which has been trusted for generations. Our beautiful falcons have been lovingly hand-reared and are highly trained pigeon scarers. Simply by allowing them to circle the area surrounding your property is enough for pigeons to get the message that they are not welcome, and they will move on. Falconry is a great method of bird control but takes time and repeat visits to scare pest pigeons away for good.

Our birds are not phased by people or built-up areas and pose no threat to pets. This nature versus nature approach is not only environmentally friendly, it guarantees that no pigeons are harmed, giving our clients peace of mind.

Pigeon proofing using bird netting

When it comes to bird control, pigeon netting is one of the most widely used methods in London. Bird netting is made of durable plastic twine, which is stretched taut to create an impenetrable barrier to pigeons. It can be installed on a wide variety of surfaces, including the fascias of buildings. 

Project Multi Pest are highly experienced in fitting bird and pigeon netting in London to all kinds of residential and commercial properties, and can tailor a design to suit your requirements while taking care not to ruin the look of your building.

Pigeon proofing using bird spikes

Where there is a persistent attempt by pigeons to perch on roofs and guttering, it may be wise to consider pigeon spikes as a solution. These heavy-duty metal prongs are affixed to a polycarbonate base and can be installed on rooftops, windowsills, guttering and ledges, making them a very adaptable solution. They are a ubiquitous sight in London which is a testament to how effective they are. 

The spikes are very uncomfortable for pigeons to perch on but they are designed as a deterrent, not to cause harm. Although they are persistent creatures pigeons really don’t care for a spiky landing, and having such a wide choice of real estate in London they will soon give up and move on.

Pigeon control services in London
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Project Multi Pest deliver bird control services throughout all areas of London, and we would be happy to visit you to discuss the best course of action for ridding your property of pigeons. We are experts in pigeon control and employ only humane pest control methods. Our specialised and professional service has earned us a 10/10 rating on Checkatrade.
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