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We control and remove pest rabbits

Rabbits and rabbit holes cause big problems in fields, golf courses, pitches and paddocks. As well as causing damage to plants and landscaping, rabbit burrows can cause subsidence and act as hazards that cause injury, especially to horses.

Rabbits were a major problem in our paddock because rabbit holes mean injured horses. PMP answered our 24hr call out and got the job done fast.

Horse owner, Kent

Pest rabbit control using ferrets

Aluminium phosphide gas is a common but brutal solution for disposing of rabbits, leading to a very painful death. Instead, we use ferrets to flush rabbits out of hiding, dispatch them cleanly and quickly, and then fill in the burrows.

Rabbit control services in Kent

All of our technicians are fully trained ferret handlers and certified in pest control by the National Pest Technicians Association.

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